[AUSIA] Practice Battle vs. Doritos – Results!


Today we logged on for a fun Practice Battle against the Doritos before saying farewell to ACP Field Marshal 2funky3. 

Max: 40

Picture showing size 37.

ACP Troop with no tag.

ACP Troop with Alpha tag instead of ACP tag.

ACP member without ACP tag.

Pre-battle room.

Room 2: Forts

Room 1: Iceberg

If you attended this event be sure to comment down below and react in #event-chat.

Be sure to check out our next event in #events!


    ACP Corps General

2 Responses

  1. Super fun event! and farewell Funky ( ̄^ ̄ )ゞ <<< It's a salute emote

  2. I came And we will remember Funky

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