[UK/US] Quest: Save the King – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged onto Bunny Hill, CPArmies, to save our king, Mchappy! Thank you to everyone who came, we maxed 38!

Picture showing 38 ACP troops online.

To rescue Mchappy, we had to complete various challenges:

Room 1Stadium

Here, we had to do various forms, ranging from an M form to a R form. We achieved this successfully, completing the first challenge:

Room 2: Iceberg

In this second room, the ACP knights had to successfully complete a 7 question quiz about ACP history, which we did!

Room 3: Snow Forts

In this third and final room, we finally discovered who kidnapped Mchappy, the Ogres! We battled them out, with our fantastic troops taking the lead! You guys did an awesome job, we ended up defeating the ogres and saving Mchappy!

Thank you to everyone that came, we triumphantly saved our king! Remember to react in #battle-schedule, if you can attend our huge battle against the Doritos tomorrow!


ACP Grand Duke

3 Responses

  1. Welcome home, King Mchappy! 💚

  2. Amazing event! I had so much fun!

  3. I came.

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