November Update – New Catalog, Pin, and… Great Storm? – CPR Guides

Hola ACP!

Today, the new catalog and pin for CPR were released, alongside a new “Great Storm” which affects the entire island. Before we start, I wanna give a huge shoutout to Faux for helping me out in the making of this guide, tysm Faux! Now, onto the guide!

Catalog Secrets

With a new monthly update, comes a new monthly catalog! Here are all the secrets for the November 2020 catalog:


Also feel free to check out the new Item of the Month!

New Pin

The new update has brought to us a new pin, which is located in the Dance Lounge (second floor of the Nightclub), in this exact location:

Free Umbrella

There’s a free umbrella located at the Ski Village! Make sure to grab it to protect you from this storm!

“The Great Storm”

This new “Great Storm” has affected most, if not all rooms around the island, where you can see rain pouring from the sky:

I hope this guide helped you guys out! If I missed anything, feel free to DM me (Daniel20448#2105) on Discord!


ACP Grand Duke

2 Responses

  1. Shiverrrr it’s so cold oop

  2. Great coverage!

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