[UK/US] Jousting Tournament: Cerulean Cavaliers vs. Scarlet Paladins vs. Silver Empire – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged on Bunny Hill, on CPArmies for our fun branch battle between the Cerulean CavaliersScarlet Paladins and amazing allies Silver Empire! We ended with a fun Find Four tournament, in which Ryan from Silver Empire won! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came!

We maxed 53!

All the pictures showing 53 troops online in total.

Also, enjoy this amazing video made by Cat7770 about the battle! Thank you so much for the video, Cat!

Remember to react in #events if you can attend the next event!


ACP Grand Duke

4 Responses

  1. First 😀

  2. Great battle guys!

  3. That was so fun!

  4. gg!

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