[Fight or Fright] Finals VS. RPF – Results

Hey ACP!

We logged on today to face off against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the finals of the FoF tournament, maxing 116, once again breaking our CPPS record.




Pre-Battle Room: Inside Mine

Room 1: Berg
Lockouts: Cove

Room 2: Stadium

Room 3: Mine
Lockouts: Outside Mine

Although RPF won due to their size advantage, we still did very well in terms of speed and formations.

I’m also happy to announce the winners for the various Halloween tournaments!

Igloo Contest


Runner up

Costume Contest


I am an evil cyborg pirate hailing from the vicious region of Poonoo, my name is Janarg Darthlord and i ravage the oceans of Zumweyr

Runner Up


Congratulations once again and thank you for making this all possible!


ACP Leader

5 Responses

  1. We rise from this.

  2. We rise.

  3. We rise!

  4. although the results explain we lost, I believe ACP did amazing, so lets keep on doing the amazing work ACP!!!!

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