Halloween Party 2020 Guide – CPR Guides

Hola ACP!

The new Halloween Party has been released, so that means new secrets, rooms and new… transformations?! Let’s go take a look!

First thing you notice in-game, is that almost all new rooms have been decorated for the Halloween Party! Some even have all 3 Night of the Living Sled movies displaying, so if you want to see the movies just go to one of these rooms: Coffee Shop for the first movie, Dance Lounge for the second movie,  Lighthouse for the third movie and last movie. 

Coffee Shop; one of the rooms in which the movies are being displayed.

What are candies, and how to get them?

Candies can be found all over the island. They will appear in random rooms and places each time. I’ll show you an example of what they look like so it can help guide you:

You can also collect candies in igloos that have this pumpkin in them!

You can use these candies to buy things using the big candy at the top right of your screen:

Secret Lab Room

The Secret Lab Room is back! With a new catalog too!

You can access the Secret Lab going through this entrance in the Book Room

New Pin

There’s also a new pin, found at the Ski Village, on the “Costume Show” stage:

New Rooms, and how to transform into a Zombie & Ghost

There is a couple new rooms, all these can be accessible through the Forest, going these ways:

Through the top pathway, you can access the old Mansion, in which you can turn into a Ghost with the use of a machine, found in this picture:

Through the pathway to the right, you can access the Graveyard and the Haunted House. In the Graveyard, if you stand anywhere, you have the chance to get bitten by a zombie, which will consequently turn you into one as well.

Inside the Haunted House, you’ll find the free pumpkin head, so make sure to grab it before the party ends!

And that’s the new party! I hope this guide helped y’all out and you guys enjoyed it. If I missed anything, make sure to DM Daniel20448#3169 on Discord!


ACP Field General

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