[UK] Fright or Fight Round 1: Battle vs. Army of Orient Seas – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged on Whitehouse, CPArmies for our first battle of the Fight or Fright tournament! We faced up against our brother allies, Army of Orient Seas (We love you guys ❤ ) and fought valiantly for the win. In the end, the victory went to…


We maxed 57 troops!

Picture showing 56 ACP troops online.


Interwebdude not in uniform 😦

Prebattle Room: Inside Mine

Room 1: Inside the Dojo

Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3: Stadium

Thanks to AOS for the amazing battle! GGs! Stay tuned for the #tournament for next week’s battle, let’s win this ACP! React in #events if you can attend Shadow’s Birthday event tomorrow! 


ACP Lieutenant General


4 Responses

  1. Huh, weird. On MY screen I was sitting with the judges behind the pumpkin.

  2. i was here 😀 lets win this tournament ACP!! amazing work so far !!

  3. Nice job ACP! ❤

  4. I was there! x

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