[US]Fright or Fight Tournament Training Event Results!

USA Garrison

Hello ACP! Today we logged on Fiesta, CPArmies for our Fright or Fight Tournament Training! We did a lot of new tactics and awesome formations! We had so much fun in this event! We had an amazing max of 44 Penguins!




Event Pics!


Check #tournament!

Thats all Folks

Your Favorte Food Here!


ACP Major General

3 Responses

  1. Wish I could attend the tourney on Saturday, but I can’t because my birthday is that day, and I’ll be busy. I had fun at the training tonight, though! 😀

  2. Nice job acp! i came

  3. Wonderful training today ACP! Everyone did an amazing job 💞
    Nice post Nacho hehehe

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