AKP-wöchentliche Rückblick Oktober! #18


Did you really think we were going to battle them?? I ate them all yesterday at tacobell

So, its been a while since any recap has been out. I know right, go ask PurpleSlime, she never missed more than a couple weeks at a time which is amazing in itself. Unlike me, so I do apologize for not doing my part and keeping up with these little posts for you guys. well, for the 4 people that like to see these.

Theres going to be some tweaks to the recap, for the time being. who knows. But mymy >_> What a… whatever time its been, theres soooooooo much that happens here at the home of ACP, literally lots to talk about so I mean where to start right? We recently had the 14th anniversary of ACP! 14th year! can’t you believe that? Also I’ve been looking at these events posts, which you should always check out, and geeeez, its like you all became pros at tactical formations! The Delta squad really be pushing those wacky formations! Probably because you guys graduated…. ACPTR? eh?? if you haven’t gone through the ACPTR, thats a great way to learn how those old OG pros did it ;P Many troops have gotten promos and ranked up! some have retired 😮

BTW, EXTRA POLL at the end so plz stay and participate in that ;-;

With This Fall season right around the corner, lets start it with some good ole ACP REECAPZZ



He’s on his way to panda express 😉


  • ACP is going to have some cool things planned for the upcoming Halloween month, following up to the 31st!

  • There is a PB against old time rivals SWAT! ON THE 13TH OF OCTOBER – Times: 4PM EST | 3PM CST | 2PM MST | 1PM PST | 9PM UK | 8PM GMT 


nowowwwwww onto the actual recap owo

have some coffeee and enjoy!!

Shoutout to the Euro division btw

looking back on slimes old posts, you come across many cool things. She really was dedicated to keeping to her weekly format. lol

I’ll do my best to get back to doing these, but It’s been like this..

kailey’s alter ego

Like I mentioned earlier, recaps are going to have a sort of different format. It’ll still be the usual monday to sunday format

oh and yeah where have I been? eh.. oh and Im still driving over the road, right now im near Yuma AEROZONA << seeeee data is doing me good so hopefully I’ll be fine going down these interstates at 75mph at 2am without having to worry about skinwalkers or cannibals

Editors note: By the way.. if you legit have anything you’d like to see on the recap; pictures, events you were apart of, contests, etcetc. , dm me. like I legit get no dms, so if you have anything to put on here, just send it and I probs will put it here.

29th of September

[UK/US] ACP 14 Year Anniversary prom!

so many ppl, Im surprised we didnt tip the iceberg

Size: 88

Tactic rating: 20/10 :oooo

yes, I booed at every one of them!
the 4 amigos?

oh yes, I skipped days..

Another Editors note: Some of the events probably took place on other days, the reason for this being

in a mismap, is because the wordpress site is based in UK time afaik. So some posts may say one date when it was

on another previous day.

1st of October!

Also, check out CSY’s post on 14 years of ACP

>> here <<

Yes, ACP fan-art that was deemed worthy of Zelly. go check if yours
is >> there << !

wanna see a yellow turtle?



2nd of October

[AUSIA] Tie Dye Takeover

whoever did that hello is gonna get the belt

Size: 43

Tactic rating: 10/10 :oooo

for those interested in the fair going on,
week 2 walkthrough is out :oo ???
Daniel wrote about it >> here <<

Want to know the best post of the month?
checking if you got a promo ofc!
want to be proud or ashamed? check it out >> here <<

3rd of October

[UK] Delta Division Inauguration

we have a delta division? tf

These tactics are better than my highschool band’s formations

Size: 57

Tactic rating: 10/10 :ooo? OO?O?

4th of October

Wondered who got TROOP OF THE MONTH {totm] this month of September?

no spoilers okay? check it out >> here <<

also, The Best OF… results >> here << like best igloo, etc.

btw, just saying, if I had more freetime, Zelly would be blown out of the water in the “best MC base” category js 😛

Clearly HAXs, what a cheater. i like the clover
btw, joke zelly, plz dont hurt me

5th of October


U leads are always the most fun events. troops did a good job from what I see!

Size: 38

Tactic rating: 10/10 :Oooo


ACPTR has closed their sign ups today!  if you’re interested, go talk to Max and join next month!

want a quick preamble to becoming the best in ACP? follow mondo’s advice..

ofc. dedication

6th of October

[AUSIA] ACP Driving School!?

Better drivers than what the DMV passes lol

Size: 31

Tactic rating: 9.5/10

Check out the new merch store that was announced the 6th 😮


Check the discord post for more details and a coupon!?

7th of October

[US] Balloon event!

Ever seen that thing bout balloon boy?

Size: 38

Tactic rating: 8/10


Look at this omg :oooo BOOOOOOOO

Size: 40

Tactic rating: 10/10 :ooooO

8th of October

[AUS] Stamp Colleectionattthooon

is that a ballpit?

Size: 37

Tactic rating: 10/10 ::ooooo


mad at the fair for raising ticket pricess

Size: 40

Tactic rating: 10/10 :::Oooo

9th of October



Size: 65

Tactic rating; 10/10 :oooooOoO


theres a secret catalog guide made by Daniel found
>> here <<
don’t tell the admins@!


So we have had 2 US events, 2 UK events, 3 AUSIA events, and 1 UK/US event.

The biggest event this week was the PB against HF! with a whopping 88 troops!!

Good job to all Divisions! Pulling in great numbers and

tactic superiourity! if thats how you spell it

btw, would you be shocked to know AUSIA did
 tactically better than UK/US?
 well UK tied, but US didn't :eyes: 

Now for my Favorite ACP Tactic of the week….

EK cakes are a classic

Idk why but EK tactics are always the best! 20/10!

looks like a fish LOL

Oo I got some random vids, go check em out!

they are at the end of the video, because its been like 5 years since I’ve last used wordpress ._. dw you wont be dissapointed.

Some random pics, why not? :2

Aint this the most handsome ACPTR cadet to succeed in class of 2008?
look at this patio table interweb made at work 😮
this is what you eat at MCpenguins
now this made me lol. myheadhurtsbtw

Again, any ideas, plz dm me. if not, then I’ll go cry and stuff. For now, I got to get back to driving, so see you next week! Hopefully T-T

oh yeah btw here are the random videos xd

He obviously used cheat codes to get this
For the EURO division
aRE you feeling it now mr krabs?
Best way to make eggs ngl ez as 1 2 8977
I want to go cave diving one of these days
Im telling ya, its comfortable
This is my jam omw to my next load appointment

Also btw, this is a great song and great voice so I’ve been listening to this while crying with a startbucks vanilla bean in my hand. Jk not with startbucks LOL too expensive, I’d rather drink a dollar coffee.

10 Responses

    • Also to whoever reads this far down the post, thanks for always getting to this point. Means a lot when I know people actually read or even skim through the entire thing idk.

      The reason recaps were not being posted is because of personal issues (which is depression and that in itself is a lame excuse) but it left me not being able to enjoy making these,
      and what would even be the point of making recaps that I didn’t enjoy making. Thats what I figure makes people happy is being able to see the fun in these, so if I am not having fun, the recaps will probably wont be fun.

      hopefully that makes some sense, i aint the best at explaining on a limb, im tired and work alot now without lots of social interaction. But like anything, we all be okie.

      I post this here because I dont feel like it was appropriate to belong on the recap itself. So this is all I know where else this would be appropriate to address to those who come down here to comment whatever.

      So if you ever are feeling down or know someone going through depression, give them some attention and maybe a break. I know I can be very rude and offensive towards people especially, so If I ever hurt you or made you cry like a baby, im sorry. I aint a nice person on the surface because my personality is terrible, but eh were imperfect I got to try and be an example like some people tell me. I’ll do better

  1. OMG I MISSED THESE SO MUCH!! thanks aero ❤

  2. Very epic post lmao 50/10

  3. I Love this post lmaoo

  4. Awesome recap :> froot gang freshest gang 🍉


  6. You missed CSY × Smell 100% That was pinned in bot spam ;-; but it’s was cool I saw my name in event which r now history 😁

  7. Haha great recap Aero!

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