September 2020 Troop of The Month

Welcome back to another installment of the monthly TOTM!

Monthly Troop of the Month-ly Troop of the Month-ly….

Anyways, with an amazing month where we saw Echo become the victorious division in the Civil War, and celebrations for our 14 year anniversary, we couldn’t have made this month possible without all the engagement and hard work from our troops. So without further ado, I’m here to congratulate…


What qualifies for TOTM?

– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events
– Involved in the ACP community
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, SrFaux has been nominated for Troop of the Month for his activity in chat, his active participation in contests and games, as well as his exemplary work in the ACP Recruiting Force, recently earning the title of ROTW. He is truly a beacon of excitement for the ACP.

Interview with SrFaux

Hi SrFaux, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?

Hey! Im Fa(u)x, im a boy and i have 13 yo, at moment i’m first lieutenant and my fav game is Hitman!

How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies?

I found ACP when i was participating a stamp event, i remember that Lily250 and Enigma recruit me. I’ve been in the acp for 1/2 months and it is my first army!

Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?

I think that is because i recruit, participate a lot of events and i’m always trying to improve myself!

What’s the meaning behind your name SrFaux?

Well, it’s just because fox is my fav animal, but i see a lot of nicknames like that, so i wrote Faux (btw the first time i wrote Faux was in Habbo lmao)

Tell us a FA(u)X about yourself that we don’t know yet, Faux!

So, i learn somethings really fast and i already did some extracurricular activies on my school, like robotics and art’s, but i just stay one year on this two.

What’s your favorite tactic?

Renegade bomb for sure!

I heard you were a fan of Among Us – what’s your most memorable moment?

Well, my memory its just awful for somethings. So i think that was when i kill 2 people on opposite sides and no one blame me haha

What do you have to say to the people that say Mephisto from Marvel is better from Blue Exorcist?

Pff, nice joke man

What’s your favorite anime as of now and why does it appeal to you os much?

I don’t have a favorite anime, but if i choose one to assist was going to be Classic Naruto i think, i just really like it because the characters isn’t gods like Shippuden haha

On a scale of 0% to 100%, how much do you look like Cristiano Ronaldo?

0%, Cristiano its really different from me hahaha

Anything you’d like to say to the people of ACP?

Stay in ACP guys! Recruit and dont treat the ACP like a work, we do this for fun! ACP ACP ACP


Congratulations again to SrFaux for being such an outstanding troop!


ACP Leader

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  2. te odeio fauxkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  3. Thanks everyone ❤ ( vsfd hollowkkkkkkkkkk)


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