Fourteen Years of ACP

Addressed to the members and friends of the Army of Club Penguin, both new and old.

With ACP’s 14th birthday approaching, I’ve been racking my brain as to how to best write this post. How do we condense 14 years of community into one post (however garrulous this ends up becoming); how do we compress all the friendships we’ve made, into mere words? Perhaps this is the most insane thing I’ve ever attempted – no amount of words, numbers, pictures, can represent the community we’ve created in this year. Or perhaps, this is the only sane thing I’ve done – perhaps the memories and friendships need no substantiation – and we just remember, reminiscing together with pride.


29th of September. To many, this is perhaps just another day, another day of work, school, or life. To some, this might even be a bad day. But for the 5.94 million views on the old site, and the lower, yet still quite amazing 165k views on our blogger, 29th of September, 2006 marks the day where Oagalthorp threw the first snowball, creating the first organized army on club penguin, and of course, the Army of Club Penguin.

I don’t think he knew what initially began as a group of over-enthusiastic snowball throwers would blossom into something so much bigger. The Army of Club Penguin would become the first of many armies to come. Club Penguin Armies – the wars, the fights, the friendships, and the epic anime betrayals, all stemmed from this one guy. The Army of Club Penguin would then be the only army to never close down throughout the entirety of Club Penguin’s run. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, we’d march on, until Club Penguin shut it doors on March 29th, 2017.

29th of September, 2019. Albeit being dormant for 2 years, the Army of Club Penguin was asleep, but not forgotten. On her 13th birthday, we proudly donned our Roman helmets once more under the leadership of Chainpro, welcomed to the community by the RPF.

On December 1st, 2019, only 2 months into the reopening, the Army of Club Penguin claimed the #1 spot in the weekly Top 10, breaking RPF’s 6 month streak as #1 under Koloway’s leadership. On January 5th, 2020, the Army of Club Penguin fought against the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Holiday Championship, taking home a trophy for the first time in many years.

ACP takes home 2-1 victory in the Holiday Championships

However, the days of glory wouldn’t last long. On January 24th, only 19 days after our great victory, the army fell to maxing 8 in a UK training.

24th Jan, UK training event

On January 27th, Koloway announced his retirement from the army, leaving ACP in the hands of Kailey and CSY.

What followed was a week of internal conflict, as the army struggled to find her footing. Eventually, stability would be restored once more. March 28th, 2020, a month after Koloway’s retirement, the Army would peak once more with a max of 70 in a 3 way PB against OM and PIC.

ACP maxes 70 against OMA and PIC

Throughout the CPAM Premier League tournament in March-April, the Army of Club Penguin would continue to demonstrate strength, hitting sizes of 65+ in multiple battles. Albeit losing to the RPF in the finals, this is perhaps one of the highlights of ACP this generation in terms of consistency.

April saw the advent of World War Rewritten, in which the Army of Club Penguin was able to defend her capital, Mammoth from the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In June, the ACP would break her record once more in a battle against the Ice Warriors, in which we reached 80 soldiers online, fighting in the Legends Cup X.

Pre battle room – ACP maxes 80 in LCX

AUSIA would continue to break records, hitting a peak of 48 troops online in September in a PB vs the Ice Warriors.

Throughout the summer, and for much of the ACP’s run, the army would be in the top 3 of CPAM/CPAH’s weekly Top 10, a testament to the consistency of the community.

On 29th of September, the Army of Club Penguin would celebrate her 14th birthday, breaking our CPPS record with 88 troops online, again.

this is supposed to be 14

ACP has had our ups and downs. We’ve risen, fallen, and risen again – but one thing for certain, is that our community has never died. From the fact that so many vets have returned to hang out in our discord despite retiring, some for more than a decade already; to our laughter-filled Karaoke’s, break days, SPEC OPS; to the hype during every battle, every tournament.

“ACP ACP ACP” is far more than just a hype phrase. Together, it is the embodiment of the spirit of the community we have built.

II. Happy Birthday from CSY

What I believe is the true power of the Army of Club Penguin, is not our sizes or the trophies we’ve won, but the people we have touched along the way. I guess this post is slightly out of chronological order – I’ve read the #community-submissions as part of ACP’s 14th birthday before I wrote this. Truth be told, I don’t think many of us remember our maxes or the tactics we did in the third room of the x battle vs the y army (I had to look up the ACP saga for everything). What we remember, most fondly, are the friendships and memories we’ve formed.

I guess I feel this more strongly, being an army veteran. I joined CPA sometime in 2014, after a graphics friend from the Water Vikings convinced me it was good for “xats” (the old currency for clout). With brief bursts in major armies such as WV, DCP and ACP, as well as prominent involvement in the SM community (Cubby likes reminding me of “Silver Surfers” for one), I can honestly say that I don’t remember how many times the army I led AUSIA in hit 1st on CPAC; or what my “AUSIA record” was. Heck, I didn’t even remember the “Silver Surfers”.

What I do remember though, are the people I met. The endless hours chatting, talking about the most random stuff ever with owners (the outdated term for Hcom), chilling with them. The relationships (perhaps even romantic ones – but we don’t talk about those days XD) made, the friendships broken, the comraderies reformed. Looking through community submissions once again, I feel this overwhelming sense of nostalgia and pride, over what ACP has become, and the people we have touched along the way.

The butterfly effect is the idea that small things can have huge impacts amidst the complex system of the world, likened to how a butterfly flapping its wings could cause a typhoon. Perhaps you’ve only attended a single ACP event, and you’re reminded of “those green penguins doing emotes”; perhaps you’ve attended some battles with ACP, fighting with “clover pride, server wide”; perhaps you’ve stuck with the community through thick and thin, touched by our family. We flap our wings, creating winds, typhoons, monsoons, touching each person’s lives, irrevocably leaving a mark on them, however big or small.

A philosopher I admire, Aristotle, once said “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Neurologists have since then argued that perhaps the human mind works in similar ways – the aggregation of our neurons make us far more than the sum of our parts – and perhaps that is why we will never be able to fully understand human experience. The Army of Club Penguin is a testament to this. How each individual person, with each individual story, comes together to form a greater “ACP spirit” cannot be explained merely by the reductionist framework. For example, in chemistry, you need Magnesium and Oxygen to make Magnesium Oxide. ACP, somehow, someway, has given rise to a new “ACP spirit” – a comradery that has literally formed from nothing.

Or perhaps, it isn’t from nothing. Our fondness of the army, our memories of the community, has given birth to ACP as we know it today. And that isn’t something anyone but people who have experienced it, can understand.

Happy 14th Birthday, ACP. 

III. Happy Birthday, from the community

“Wow… There are many great things I can say about Acp. When I first joined Acp in 2010, I instantly knew that Acp was more than just an army. It was a community of friends who felt like family. From day one of me being in Acp, I was treated with respect and so much kindness. I spent 2 years in Acp (2010/2011). Those 2 years were some of the best times of my life. Acp has been a big part of my life and I’m sure it has for many others. When I came out of retirement this year in march I had joined another army at the time. Things went not so bad there for a while until I decided to leave in May. I had a big decision over what army I would go to next. Of course the first army that popped into my mind was Acp. I returned to Acp this year in May and I instantly remembered the wonderful past I had with this amazing army. We have built an amazing community that will last for ever. The main difference between Acp and other armies is that we are a true family and brotherhood and we always have each other’s backs no matter what. There is so much more great things I could say about this army but I would be here all day lol… 14 YEARS, what a ride it has been comrades:Salute~2: :EL~6: :ACP: :es~1: :acpglow:

 – Carmelo2013


“I suppose i should also write something here, so here we go: I joined like… uhhh… k hold on lemme check, the 11th of September this year but ive been in the community for about 1 year. Thanks to Kailey (the hello kitty one) i was able to enlist here, and im grateful at how this army accepted me into their family and i only hope to get to know all yall way better and make thousands of memories here. Im very happy to be with this amazing community and i look forward to many more birthdays with everyone here! :EL~6::ACPheart::es~1::ayyceep::ACPID::Salute~2::salure:

– RaiRai


“Wow okay so…. I don’t even know where to begin. I started my ACP journey in late 2009 – I pretty much made the date Dec 1. I have therefore been in ACP for 11, almost 12 years. I’ve retired, I’ve came back, I’ve retired again and again and no matter what, I always kept coming back. Maybe it’s because I love the community. Maybe its because I miss my friends. I don’t know. But I know that this place is my family. ACP, and CPA in general, has given me a home when the situation in my own home life has gotten bad. ACP has given me an escape. And I feel safe here. I’ve made friends – I’ve made family. The blood of the covenant is thick than the water of the womb – the family ties I’ve made are stronger than the ties with my actual family. I don’t remember much from my childhood ACP years, but I remember specific people, and I remember that no matter what, I was always treated with kindness when everything else around us was hell. ACP was and always will be the light in the center of toxicity in this community. I’ve made friends and family – people I have known for ages. Aero, Mondo, and Purp are a few. I consider a lot of people here family and I am so glad that I’m here today with you all. ACP has grown so much. I remember when I was a sergeant major in ACP, I was an ACPTR cadet for the first time in late 2014. I never graduated, but I’ve made memories to stay. And now look at us. Max and Kolo are hella gay for each other, Chekfish fanfics should totally become a thing, and we made a weiner cult. We maxed 80! We won battles and wars, we’ve had civil wars. Oagal even came back! And I’m so proud of CSY, hcom, the mods, and the amazing troops that make it all happen. Thank you ACP for being there when I need it the most. You all are the family I never had, I’m so thankful for yall and grateful to be part of this amazing community and family. ACP IS my family. It has been with me for almost 12 years and supported me no matter what. Happy 14 years.”



“Joined this server few months back 2-3 month back by USERPHONE lmao I was lucky to come here this was a nice active chat earlier I was trying to mix with ppl here :sweat_smile: and eventually we all became friends and worked as a team like the games here specially Break days and Movie Nights … Then we had war and it was my first war which we won and I got my first war title felt a big honor to have that!! Then came the Heoric CiviL WaR which was More cooler than it’s Name had tons of events and both teams tried best and echo won Congratulations to them… ( Yeah I was in alpha and I am still in alpha :alpha: FTW ) and tbh I enjoyed my journey till now and Congratulations to ACP for 14 Years I hope it goes on for lot more years :Salute~2: :acpglow: :acp: ACP TROOP

Happy birthday :birthday: ACP 14 Year of Success and Preserving Justice and Defending Freedom :mmclovermilk: :CloverPanda:

– Cubeoid ★


When I first joined ACP, i didn’t understand what it is. I was playing Club Penguin Rewritten when this dude with a guitar approached me and showed me the giant world of armies. I was surprised about how I didn’t hear about any of this, it’s a very huge part of the CP community. Now, that I’ve been in ACP for a while, I can say that it has changed my life for the better. Having someone else to talk to, a group who’s willing to listen and congratulate you and be there for all of your ups and downs in life is something I haven’t truly found yet. Now, I may not be the most active member, but I know when I must say something. echo best Cheers to ACP’s 14 years, and here’s to many more!

– dio


I don’t have some fairy tale way of ending up here at ACP, I joined armies back in 2009 and somehow never managed to find myself here until 2019. I always respected and revered ACP, as they are historically the biggest army. It wasn’t until I arrived here last December did I realise there is more to armies than just a few battles or fake numbers that some other armies put up, ACP is a legitimate and breathing COMMUNITY, from all our extra games like Roblox or Minecraft and our amazing Karaoke sessions (where I think I took the cake), there is always something going on within this great community. It pleases me to see such talented, down to earth and all around great people within our ranks, which whom are most definitely the future. It’s not always great, we have had our moments of toughness, but the thing is we always bounce back and 2x better. It’s been a great 14 years, here is to 14 more!

– 2Funky3


“taps mic Hello? I think this thing is on. Right, where do I begin. I’ll keep it short and not take up all of your precious time (I’m probably going to write an essay, sorry), but for those who don’t know me, I am Sidie9 (or Vex, or Eva, or Jemma or whatever) and I was an ACP leader back in ye olden days of 2015. I even returned as the first 2ic of ACP’s CPPS era in 2019. If it isn’t clear already, I hold the Army of Club Penguin dear to my heart. When I first joined the community in 2010 I despised this army, vowing to destroy it one day. Little did I know I would join the army at multiple times in my life, under the leadership of Kenneth, Flipmoo, Mrtchy and so on. I definitely had no clue that this army would define me as a person, and would shape who I have now become. The Army of Club Penguin has always been my home, and is the most amazing and beautiful online community I have ever had the pleasure of participating in. I am proud that I could lead this army at my ripe age of 15, also being the first transgender leader of the army. I may not be around as often as I used to, but I am so glad that I am able to refer to you all as family. Dear the Army of Club Penguin: never stop being awesome, supportive, loving, fun and amazing. Happy 14 Years! Keep making unforgettable memories that you will cherish for life, just like all the boomers did in the years before you.”

– Sidie9, 40th ACP Leader


“Howdy! My name is TheBrokenMessage and words can’t explain how much you guys have affected me. I’m gonna say this, and I’m dead serious, this is the best community I’ve ever been in. The amount of joy you guys gave me is a blessing. Special thanks to cherry cherry for introducing me to ACP. Without her I wouldn’t be in such a wonderful community. You guys have taken me on such a wonderful journey. Despite being here for a few months I still enjoy it like I was here since day one. Thank you guys for being here for me. I love you guys so much. Happy 14th anniversary, I wish the best for everyone in the future. (I’m not joking you guys are awesome :heart:)”

– The Broken Message


“Even though I am pretty new to armies I can’t believe that i stuck around till the anniversary. I remember when I thought I’d give club penguin a second shot back in march and some random penguin approached me on the migrator asking me to join a group. At the time I thought that was the most sus thing ever and I was so skeptical, but honestly thank god I did join. ACP was the best thing that happened to me this year and I am so grateful for all the friends that I made here. I honestly spend more time talking to ACP members than my actual friends and I regret nothing. It would’ve been nice being a part of the OG community back in the day but I am glad that I didn’t miss this. Thank you ACP for making me feel welcomed and supported during my loneliest times. Happy 14th anniversary Army of Club Penguin!!

– YasMini


“I mean what can i say that hasnt been said, this group has helped me soooooooo much during lockdown and i have to thank yall for it. To all mods and members, thank you, it has been some great months here at acp and it all comes down to you guys. I never expected myself to be so active here but i thought wrong. Ive made so many friends and companions and just a great social life here. Heres to 14 years of acp and for another 14 more! :ACPheart:

– Big Chungus


“I joined the ACP June 29th which means I’m nearing on 3 months here. I joined because I wanted to get a major army experience and hopefully apply that to grow PZF, but I didn’t expect to find as great of a community as I did. ACP grew from a side gig to a second home. I haven’t been here nearly as long as some people and I haven’t been as active but every time I’m here I know I’m in a community that loves me. There’s so much of ACP history I haven’t been a part of or that I don’t even know of, but I see history being made every day with the effort ACP’s amazing troops put in. Bottom line, I love ACP. Thank you for everything. Green Together Family Forever. :ACPheart:

– Light





“When my friend sent that discord invite in our class server, I was curious to see what that ‘ACP’ was. Obviously, I joined, but it took me 3 months to attend my first event. I still remember that event as fondly as the most recent one i attended, and i wont talk about the fact that i had 12 clovers before i got promoted to lance corp lol. Fast forward to quarantine, in which I attended almost every event there was in May and had the best time ever, talking to my green family. Then came the summer, and my tutoring classes were driving me crazy. I swear it was ACP who kept me alive mentally. I absolutely can’t imagine my life without ACP. My green family makes me feel so happy inside, and i still have no idea how i came so far as a person lol. You guys give me a place to talk about irl stuff and yall actually listen unlike some ppl irl. I’m so thankful I managed to get myself involved in CPA and i would never ever ever trade this for anything else in the world. Happy 14th ACP, and cheers to many more years of happiness! acp is older than me wtf”

– Henry :EH~7:


“oh pog it’s ACP time :Pog: So, ACP. I’ve not been here for long but you already mean so much to me! The ACP instagram went brrr and there I was, a Private. I had a jolly good time and quickly ranked up to where I am today! I’ve had such a good time here. Every member means something to me, as does the entire Staff team. You run this place so well! (Especially Clover Kailey who doesn’t get enough appreciation :wary~9: ) Great job on making it to 14! :Cute: Although I haven’t been here for long and this speech of sorts wasn’t the most detailed, I have a passion for this Army. Love you ACP, Green Together, Family Forever!

– Pungu


“So guys ACP was my first army and im so happy, because i joined in a great family! I joined the acp after a stamp event in a month ago and was a perfect choice! Here in ACP we found friends that is always ready to help you, acp its family. I have to thank Enigma and Lily for recruit me, if wasnt they, i would never meet the ACP or any Armies! Im so glad to meet yall people! ACP FOREVER!”

– Faux


“Oof I´m only doing this because Faux screamed at me to do so, One day I was bored i didn´t know what to do in CPR, i didnt even know that i was playing a copy of the original one, when funky came up to me, and asked me to join a cpr club, i created a discord account and he told me all things that I needed to do, I was very active in ACP because i finally had something fun to do!, when more people came up to me and talk to me, i felt very happy, now I have many friends on here and i realized that ACP really changed my life, really, you guys are the only friends I have in the world, if I didn´t play that day, My life would be very different to what it is now, like… I never drew something great in my life, but people were just so nice that i started drawing for them, until i got materials and got to work, thats how I´m good at drawing now!, also, all the friends I made here, all the fun I had here, and I know I´m repeating myself just so much, but, thank you a lot, I owe ACP my whole entire life and much more :hearts:𝗛𝗔𝗣𝗣𝗬 𝗙𝗢𝗨𝗥𝗧𝗘𝗘𝗡 𝗕𝗜𝗥𝗧𝗛𝗗𝗔𝗬 𝗔𝗖𝗣

– Pan Dorado


“Hi! So I’m pretty sure I actually got recruited, picked up off of the streets in a sense. I’ve actually been here for a half a year now! In that time, you guys really changed my world honestly :joy: I got comfortable speaking in voice chats, I was introduced to a whole new fun side of discord and most importantly, you got this idiot into marvel, and for that I have to thank you all so much :joy: I’m someone who never watches movies, terrible at starting things, and honestly just finds movies depressing. But now my whole world is marvel and I can’t imagine how boring my life would be without it and without understanding all of the constant references in my everyday life! Anyways, so a lot of you are probably like, ‘what? who is this chick and why does she claim to have been here’. Well yeah I took quite a long break from ACP. I feel terrible for it since ACP is amazing, but I got super overwhelmed with anxiety and depression that I just couldn’t really do anything anymore? But I’m so so happy to be back, and to those of you who would send me dms from time to time checking up on me, those really really made my day :pleading_face: I’m so sorry this has been so long! But I just wanted to say I’m really thankful for you guys. What you’ve done really means the world :EH~7: Happy Birthday ACP!”

– Sofie/NotASeat


“ACP is a good army. I like this army. I joined on August 10th, 2020 after being recruited from a Roblox server. ACP introduced me to friends like Hunter. Thank you ACP. Happy 14th anniversary. :smile: :unmutemepls~1:



“I remember the first time I heard of ACP. It was less than a week after joining armies, and I was in RPF. Throughout the first few weeks in RPF, ACP was the word of the mouth as we just began war. While I didn’t know what was going on or why we didn’t like ACP, I tended to go along. I didn’t have a positive overview on ACP for quite some time, as I didn’t understand the situation at hand. That was until I met Sanya and she brought me into the ACP server. One of my first few things I said was “i don’t like this brown color LOL” (aka the recruit color). Ever since then I met some awesome people, and I would say I got the closest with Chek as he was very welcoming and humble. From there on I got really close with ACP, even as a visitor… from the Superior / Rare war that I had with Destro, to Koloway saying ‘sarahah do you spend as much time in RPF as you do here in ACP’. It wasn’t until June 7th when I joined ACP and made so many friends with the staff. So much thanks to Robot for bringing me here and being my amazing mentor, you were by far the most impactful person upon my time in ACP. I got closer than ever with Max, became awesome friends with Hollow, Sarah, Yeti, Daniel, FatChicken, and more. From my first mod lead to my weekly paragraph to my daily quotes, my time at ACP was nothing but amazing. Regardless of some arguments or tensions that I had, at the end of the day we were a family. Unfortunately, I decided to leave my position at ACP which caused a lot of tension between me and the staff. Although, while I regret leaving, I knew my time here was over and it was past my time. While after leaving was hard, I got to get way closer to CSY, which I am super grateful for. We became even closer friends and I got to express my feelings and suggestions for ACP as a whole. He showed so much trust towards me and saw the absolute best in me, even when I may not have deserved it. Overall, ACP will be my forever home.”

– Sarahah


“Club Penguin”

– Aleena


“The first time I saw an ACP event was on the original Club Penguin and I thought you guys were just a bunch of people who liked telling jokes and wearing green. Then, someone asked me if I wanted to join, and my mom was standing behind me and said ‘Don’t join any cults’ so I didn’t join. The second time I saw and ACP event was at the beginning of last December, and all of you were in the EPF HQ. I didn’t really care, but there were members blocking the missions section. Long story short, I ended up yelling at them and they said they would move if I joined ACP. Let me tell you I wanted to do those missions so obviously I joined. It was maybe two months later that I attended my first ACP event, and started being active. After a while I actually started talking to people and found out that they were more supportive than my own family really nice and non-judgmental. I can’t even count how many times I asked for advice about life/stupid random things in here when I didn’t know what to do with my life but I will always remember ACP HAPPY FOURTEENTH BIRTHDAY ACP :partying_face::partying_face:

– Spyman


“I used to think greatness came in all shapes, all forms, all colors, all platforms. As I grow older, I realize greatness happens here, and it happens in the color green. I realize that for 14 years, ACP has stood as the pinnacle of the army community, furthering the game and bringing innovation around every corner. As we reach this historic milestone in the legacy of our organization, I’d like to reflect back on some of those very memories that I carry with me today. Whether it be the Light Troops of yesterday; or the Templars of today, ACP has always been the morally correct army and has stood for justice. Defending Freedom and Preserving Justice is more than just a name, more than just a motto. It is a lifestyle and we with ACP personify that. Those who break from the ACP way taint the legacy of themselves and the army, so there’s not many who deviate from doing things the Golden way. Our way. I became the ACP leader as a fluke. I was not meant to become the leader on November 11th, 2019. Chainpro was not supposed to disappear. Had he stayed, had he rode out the legacy and completed the prophecy, he’d be in my spot. He’d be the CPA Legend. Hell, he’d probably even hold the Medal of Honor. That is a testament to how powerful ACP is. No matter who you put in that glorious commander in chief position, greatness is the destiny and we’re speeding through the course. I am grateful I got the opportunity to be a leader the way I did. I always thought Nicwin would take Chain’s place. I always hoped for Chain to return when I got in over my head. I always clamored for a co-leader in the form of King Mondo, who always told me no in the longest way possible. I’m glad, though, that I got to lead when I did and how I did. It made me realize that I was enough this entire time, that my drive and passion was enough, that my insanity was enough. ACP has changed my perspective on what’s right and on myself for now 11 years, and for some now 14. Thank you, ACP.”

– Koloway, 47th ACP Leader


“I joined ACP in 16th of October 2019, after one and half of a year of retirement from armies, as 2015-2018 veteran. I saw it’s alive again and well, after sad adventure with my RPF exile and short carrier in UMA, i decided it will be fun to join the army I always liked, respected and knew few people there. Sadly I had to retire at the beginning of September 2020… but this almost whole year experience was somehow better than 2015-2017 times of original CP and CPAC lives. ACP welcomed me with great kindness, well-manered people, funny ones too, and after meeting few of these known faces, I already felt like in home. In post-OG CP RPF, I didn’t felt that. Nor in savage UMA. ACP HCOM looks at troops as humans, not ‘cannon flesh’ or ‘just another random recruit’. Another great surprise – reborned ACP prooved to me that in CP, tactics and formations, can be fresh, new and good-looking! Never thought spamming emotes and moving your penguin in certain way could be that dynamic! And finnaly – people once again. Starting with Koloway – ‘A Beast Leader’, how I called him, because of his quick tactics and decisions. Much more next: Mondo, McHappy, Kailey (both of you :3), Max, Funky, Chainpro (former RPF leader i knew before), CSY (still like your jokes sir!), Zelly (UwU girl) Marqus, Sanya (another pal), Robot (and another one), Stevos, Cherry Cherry (another UwU girl), Cubster, Sarah/Aurora, Sirplus, Bschar (stay strong man, your sense of humour can’t be lost), Shebyr, destro… and much, much more amazing personalites. At the very end – Holiday Championship 2020 Final round. ACP vs RPF. Servers crashing like 4 times in a row. Switch to CPR. Koloway giving orders in Voice Chat. And 2 hours of waiting for results – to see ACP Victory. Spam after that… I never ever witnessed something like this. Thank you very much for this amazing experience ACP! Greetings from Poland! Remember: ‘Death before Dishonor!”

– Felix Raycher, ACP Major, 24.09.2020


“Skippty skoppity the first time i joined acp it hopped on my property but then acp said ‘hey hows about you come on MY property’ so then i skedaddled to acp’s property and it had lots of other people who also visited got kidnapped by acp i was perplexed to say the least however after much consideration i join with caution Suddenly a loud drunk clown pops out of the blue and it was crazy insane and didn’t have a clue That’s when Max with his gorgeous eyes spit some fax ‘A clown for a clown makes the world laff’ He said in a daft way although clown college looked like a great path :v I got greeted with delight as i sat down for some pie and from the corner of my eye, I see CSY I could snell it from afar his stench was too large it had been clear… he had been living in a car Then i could hear a cringe tiktok gorl trying to entice young children into giving her vbucks it was Zelly of course… ‘I’ll say your name for the mere price of $100’ she claimed although the price was nothing but a change to Zelly the Tiktok E-gorl, but all she got in the end was a bucket full of shame Then comes Cubby the only sober one, although i must confess not much is known about this induvidual just that he’s probably half-dressed Robot the bro bot was nothing to laugh at, although when he’s had his diesel he’s got certain drawbacks 2Funky3 another comrad, he’s just barely sparing his insanity God, the mod was missing in action it seems his message had been lost in transaction Yeti, the newest of hcom, becomes drunk on main chat i can’t believe that i was able to sit through all of that! And now i must check the ranks page to see if i have forgotten some: we’ll see!Now for the mods (oh this is a long one) So first we have Aurora, a contender to CSY’s snelliness her room is probably in a terrible state of mess And then we have Sanya, Sanya is a mystery no one knows what Sanya really is although she claims to be a cult leader… i see Then i see Shebyr, i dont know much except that she and pungu went dating for lunch Henry is also here, the karaoke carrier she also seems to mistaken for a man Chicken, a very big brain although he is kinda harsh on me (put the gun away Chicken pls i have a family) Hollow my pardner a fellow chess master if i would duel it would be with this hacker Dan, the man! He claimed mod very quick and doesnt seem like he’ll stop very quick Oofman, the roblox warlord a crazy one im sure although it was quite sudden, it took quite a turn, when you became mod and you had secured your spot Chek, the viking and a supporter of chekfish i hope you dont cheat! (i saw them flirting in main vc) Yas, i dunno when you came to acp but it was fun and i hope you enjoy it im sure you have achieved a merit Lily, congrats on mod! i hope you turn this around a lot! Dinkles! ur crazy and smort dont ever change or ill take ur doggos and odd Death, ur very cynicle and got a cool life although it did keep me up at night, but you made me procrastinate so thanks for that P.s ur cool so dont forget that Skip… SKIPPITY BIBBITY BOPPITY BOOP Pan, h-h-h- Kimi, hi ,_. Bailey, ur the best aunt ever if it weren’t for you i wouldve been a dead fella so here’s my consolidation to you a little message in a small poem to all P.s I will NEVER say “y’all” Yesn’t (joe), Dont stop being wholesome, ur probably one of the nicest people ive met so keep on going and try ur best im just doing a tad bit less Bri, bwi bwi bwi bwi bwi bwi bwi ur cool and im still waiting on the wedding im sure it’s coming sometime soon im hoping!Aces, i think ur scary but with 1 scary Aces comes 2 wholesome ones so keep on going with that even if you are spoopy and snelly ilyyy :black_heart: Cher! ur mean but got hints of niceness somewhere in there so idk keep on looking i guess apart from that ur the first person i met! on this random place, to be friends with you is challenging at best (lol ur random is what i mean but random people are cool so dont fret!) And on that note i believe this is the end, i hope i didnt miss any i hope you can forgive, i’ll remember next time i’m sure of that! However, its gnight for now as I must return to eating pasta resting on my lap!”

– Destro


“Happy 14th birthday, ACP!Happy 14th birthday, ACP!”

– Cherry Cherry


“I joined ACP 4 months ago, and its crazy to think that 4 months ago I decided to troll on play Club Penguin once more. Its been quite some time, and I’ve met so many amazing people who I wouldn’t have ever met if not for the person who came up to me and said ‘I like your fit’. It’s been quite some time, and idk what else to say except ‘its been a very fun ride’ :p Seriously, staying up until 3 to 4 am while waiting for events were my favorite time of the day. ACP is very cool and has passed the vibe check, thats all I have to say :clap: To the cool peeps, stay cool :> ilyall sm and you guys are crackheads sometimes but honestly, if we were chill we wouldn’t have been friends RN would we? To thy ACP friendos, IM YEETING Y’ALL TO THE OCEAN- jkjk, I love you guys and I wouldn’t trade the family I have here for anything else :ACOSP_cryingpolarbear: :KawaiiClover: Happy 14 years ACP! :KawaiiClover:

– D O I N K


“I know I have not been in ACP for long but i love the army! I have been in for about 5 weeks i think! Happy 14th ACP”

– Cat7770


“yo shoutout to da acp when i join da acp it was wild i talk and talk about roblox and most peeps were sick of the roblox talk so i left but then i made a comeback during da legend cup and then i rank up and everyone embraces the roblox warlordness! thx everyone for being so cool and good friends this is a pretty great awesomest community!!! les keep it goin yo, keep marching on, green together family 4ever :acp: :acp: :acp: :acp: :acp: :acp: hapy 14 bday yooo”

– OofManJr.


“the army of club penguin has introduced me to the way of the weiner and it will forever be in my heart : ) my gratitude is extended to all who have supported me throughout my journey of hunting down the enemy. today we are all heroes. especially former leader ‘koloway’

p.s. acp is full of hotties”

– Tina


“ACP epicc power every hour”

– Hollow


“Hmm, is anyone there? Oh hello! You there, yeah you.. listen to what I have to say. I joined ACP probably a month ago. I’ve played old club penguin before and I’ve seen how this group was before. It is just astonishing of what people can do if you make a an army. I am here to celebrate ACP’s 14th Anniversary because I believe it will bring me memories and new heights in the upcoming events. ACP is like family to me now, and I respect every member in the army. I don’t have words to express my gratitude of how ACP has treated me as family just from this month. I want to stay more and show what I can do best. I should of joined ACP the day it begun since just from this month it has brought me memories that will never go away. This is probably the most active and kind community I’ve ever seen. Again, I cannot express my gratitude enough for joining ACP, but what I can say is that thank you for helping me and supporting the ACP family! I hope ACP continues forever, so I can share these memories and never forget them. Hmm, if you’ve gone this far then I congratulate you. Now here is a poem I made (free verse) One day not long ago A penguin walked steady and slow It waddled and waddled and climbed for fun Endlessly moving and never done A penguin asks about making a clan The others decided and it was a plan The clan grew time by day That they lost count of penguins and didn’t know what to say Grew until it became an army It was like an everlasting party Years past, events played More penguins, and more aid Welcome to ACP! The army cheers And thank you for all these years!”

– Txsc :clapping:


“Hello Everyone KingRock here I know Everyone sees Me as bad But I want To Thank Acp for being my malayasian Family And I Hope You Forgive Me and i’M Sorry for getting Rid of Nightfury but I tell You but I tell You that I want To help ACP again with the Help I used to be active as the Lim Joon wee Character but Acp do not Suck I do not suck And we do not all suck Together You Guys are actually Innovation so It Is Real a Deal Please? Guess what? You Guys are my Good family I am Happy Oagalthorp Came back to Join you all again and I hope I meet Oagalthorp Because Because Because Because Because He is So Cool And without Him I would Never meet my Malaysia family Remember: Im Not Darre so I did No hack anyone Acp Is Too Spread Out Diversity I AM HAPPY TO MEET MANY DIVERSITY I see The Truth and That it is That Acp has Been my Family not Water Vikings not Help Force not Doritos not Ice Warriors Not Any Other Elites Because Rip Elites sorry Darre Darre Darre Just Kidding Jk Jk Jk Jk It Is Not Red ravegers It is Actually Acp And I am So Grateful to Be Used to Part of the Acp family Please make Me Part of it Again I beg I do Not want war I want Malaysian Peace we Do Not need to be in Malaysia soldiers fighting each Other we Just want peace please So I Tell You I tell You That I Just Want Peace please Give Me the Opportonity To Find Peace with you Guys so Please Please Please Army of Cp Army of Club penguin Army of cp The Clover defenders GivE ME Peace So that I will help You maybe One day I become a Moderator or even a Colonel I want the Chance Give me the Chance And I Will I’d catch a grenade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) Throw my hand on a blade for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) I’d jump in front of a train for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) You know I’d do anything for ya (yeah, yeah, yeah) Lyrics from Bruno Mars Grenade I want To Help Everyone Out So Please Let me In Let Me In My love for Acp is a dying ghost because What it does not make sense how much I love. From kingrock im just droppin it here :unmutemepls~1:

– King Rock


“well, i’m kinda new here so i don’t have a whole story but i already have some words for you guys. i just want to make it clear how much i appreciate yall as a family and how much affection i have for every1 :Sadangrylovecry: thank you everyone for being so nice to me throughout these months, even though this year is def not being the best for me, this community managed to make it way better and i’m grateful for this too. i wish nothing but the best for every single person that somehow helps acp to grow even more each passing day. thanks for all the chaotic events, naked penguin races, good talks, breakday games, fashion contests, for everything that brought me joy and, above all, for being the best community out there. joining here was one of the best things that i did this year and i hope to someday be able to return all of the good stuff that you guys did for me. i also hope yall know that i’ll always be here for anything. can’t wait to write more texts (and longer ones) for future anniversaries. thank you! happy birthday acp!! salute! :Salute~2::ACPheart:

– Enigma


“On July 14th 2019, I joined my first army. This is about ACP so I won’t go into detail but I was very unhappy in that army. Looking back there is a lot of hurt and trauma from that experience. I was bullied, doxxed, harassed, and threatened for almost a year after leaving. I lost all of my friends and stopped going to school. I’d just stay cooped up in my room alone crying, trying to find a reason to keep going. This was probably one of the lowest points in my entire life. Everyone knew taking me into their army was a threat, due to the massive target on my back. Much of the community cast me away, called me a liar, and joined in on the bullying. Any army I would join would have to bare the weight of my past. Any army that showed me kindness would face the threat of war from my former army. ACP took me in anyway. So, November 8th 2019, I joined the ACP as a Field General. At the time, Chainpro was leader. In my last army, Chainpro and I were in High Command together so he gave me the generous rank of Field General with promises of hcom once I proved myself. Shortly after I enlisted, Koloway became leader and promoted me to his High Command as his Third in Command. Not long after I was promoted again to Second in Command. As 2ic, Koloway, hicom, the moderators, and I worked our butts off to win the Holiday Championship. We were the first army in the CPPS era to have ever beaten RPF in a tournament. This was such an amazing victory. I was awarded the Bronze Medal for my efforts towards the tournament victory. Eventually, I did get promoted to leader alongside CSY. I was far from ready from such a substantial position. Being leader, there is a lot of pressure. I knew I couldn’t handle the responsibility that was given to me at the time, and Mchappy knew I wasn’t ready for either. He made the decision to demote me to Second in Command for the sake of not only the army but the sake of my mental health. At the time I was angry and devastated but I now know Mchappy was just looking out for me and for the home I loved so much. I’m so incredibly proud to have become leader, however short it may have been. Being demoted gave CSY the room he needed to grow the army and make it into what it is today. I’m so incredibly proud of what ACP has become and everyone in ACP. When ACP took me in, they saved me. People think I’m being dramatic when I say they saved me but I truly mean it with all my heart. After I left my first army, I was at the lowest point in my life. I was broken. ACP knew I wouldn’t be easy to take on because of my past, but they didn’t care. They gave me a home, a family, and a chance to put myself back together again. ACP gave me a purpose and a reason to get out of bed every morning. It made me want to keep living and keep helping people. I will never be able to express how much ACP has done for me and how much ACP means to me. I’m so excited to see where ACP goes from here and I’m honored I get to serve the community that gave me a home. I’m so incredibly grateful for my green family. I love each and every one of you.”

– Kailey310, 49th ACP Leader


“All my life, I had been either hated or shunned by the vast majority of my peers for being the ‘odd one out.’ Sure, there were a small handful of my kids my age and a good number of adults who liked me, and I was grateful for them, but it really hurt to not ‘fit in’ and be accepted simply because I thought and acted differently than everyone else.  All of that changed when I joined ACP as a Private on October 25th, 2019. Everybody welcomed me with open arms, but I was very nervous about what I was getting myself into. I thought it’d be just another carbon copy of my social life. I was so scared that I wouldn’t ‘fit in’ and be pushed aside like nothing as always, but you guys proved me wrong spectacularly. You went above and beyond to make me feel loved for who I am, and you’ve given me that sense of true belonging that I had always yearned for. When I open up about things getting rough, all of you are so quick to rush to my side. When I lost my beloved guinea pig, Thor, to sudden and unknown causes back in March, as soon as I broke the news of what happened and that I was going on leave for a long time, you guys just completely flooded Main Chat with overwhelming love and words of kindness for me (gosh, I’m tearing up just writing this), and I can never thank you enough for that. Not only do y’all comfort me when I fall on bad times, but you also share in happy moments and excitement with me. All of you were so excited for me when I got to go see Hamilton for the second time this past December, and you loved the pictures I shared. It brings me so much joy to share these precious moments with you guys, since I know it makes you happy, too. Words can’t express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. You’ve given me so much, and I hope I’m doing enough to give back to you. Whatever happens, just know that I’m here for you, as you were for me. Happy 14th birthday, ACP! Here’s to many more years of family, friendship, and fun! Cheers!”

– Shadow Saint


“Well, I used to play Club Penguin long time ago and quit in 2012 with Operation Blackout. I only logged to joke with friends (and got instantly banned several times for swearing lol) but I never knew about the existence of armies and stuff because I used to play in the Spanish servers, and we didn’t have those. The thing is that earlier this year I joined ACP in the strangest way possible (whole story in the Clover Chats Podcast) and since then, as I didn’t had anything else to do other than online classes, I started investing my time in getting to know what this was all about and it’s community. At the time we were battling in the finals of the CPAM tournament and were just starting World War Rewritten so I we had daily massive events and stuff and oh my, that really got me hooked up with the army BUT I was just experiencing a pretty unique time in the army history (stressful for hcom, but at least I enjoyed lmao). Now a days, after 5 months in the army, almost 6, I can say that this is all an amazing experience that everyone should be part of, and those who are part of it are blessed. I have taken my time to rise trough the ranks of the army and well, I’m finally part of the High Commander team which is a whole dream for me but to be honest, the most important part of being in the army isn’t ranking up, it is something as simply as enjoying, having fun during the events and making friends along the way. Due to that, I want to thank everyone for being so cool and congratulate you all because this anniversary is not only about the ACP, it is about all of us and everything we do for the community. Every member that has been or is the ACP is important and doing something as little as talking in chat really makes a difference. Please keep up being the greatest army of them all and make sure to keep the Army of Club Penguin’s name as the number one of all time. You are all amazing and I love you all. Congrats ACP!!”

– Yetico, ACP 3ic


“So, I’m gonna try to make this short, but no promises :unmutemepls~1:. I joined ACP on the 25th of June (yes, tomorrow will be 3 months since I joined :cute:), after I left my previous army, Silver Empire. I first heard of ACP back in May (when PSAL was a thing :unmutemepls~1:), and immediately got scared because of the sizes, it was about 2,000 server members (5,400 now, look how far we’ve gone). I first joined the server about 4-5 months ago as a visitor. I would’ve never thought I would end up enlisting, and I don’t regret enlisting. Shoutout to Nacho for pushing me to join, Yeti for being so kind the day I came to talk in chat for a bit and Sarahah helping me out the day I wanted to enlist :flushed: . Ever since then, I’ve made countless memories, from that Lobster Spec Ops to :unmutemepls~1:, and met some great friends (im not gonna mention u all cause everyone has been so nice to me and im gonna feel bad if i forget someone :madcry:). Back when I started playing CP in 2009, I never thought there was such a loving and nice community out there I wish I had come across, but just because I joined after 11 years since i started playing cp doesn’t mean im still not grateful of my time here <3. I want to thank all of HCOM, my fellow staff members, and the troops for making everything we’ve achieved so far possible. You all have changed my life, and I don’t regret any of my time here. Happy Birthday ACP, and keep on Defending Freedom and Preserving Justice. :el: :ACPheart: Green Together Family Forever :ACPheart: :EL~6:

– Daniel20448


“Hello hello, well i’d never thought about coming back to CPA or my first army ever but hey, look at me now. I first joined ACP in late 2013 but became active in early 2014 under the triumvirate leadership (flip, jerry and sercan <3). I’m Glad to have discovered CPA because it gave me something to do in club penguin that was actually fun. Even though i had membership back then the game got boring real quick. During my short stint kinda in armies i met a lotta dope people that eventually became my friends and lots of fun memories. From battles, wars, training events and banter in chat, CPA was a part of my childhood. Coming back into 2020, i had one of those nostalgia trips and remembered about club penguin. I knew the real CP died in 2017, but in 2019 i casually searched up club penguin and found out about CPO (yikes) and registered an account there for bants. This was before lockdown, I found out that CPA was back through the Chaos website, where Owlcity207 had posted something in early February, and saw the army being revived with a link in the comments. With no hesitation i proceed to quickly click it and joined their discord. This marked my 2nd journey in armies. Went around the new army community and joined a couple of army discords (DCP, ACP, DW and IW) at the time and even enlisting in DCP and DW with good ranks. That changed when i started hanging out on the ACP chat a lot more and i came to the realization that it had an AUSIA division, just like the time i was in armies. Even though it was small at the time, i didn’t hesitate to drop all my other armies for the place i cared deeply. Now, it’s been 7 months and 1 week since i first stepped into this server and oh boy have i enjoyed those moments of being here with you guys. From all the bants we have and catching up with old comrades, thank you for making this such an enjoyable place. Happy birthday ACP, couldn’t have made my time in lockdown better.”

– Cubster/Cubbytcub/Glowstone CP


“14 years is a sh*t ton of years, honestly Im surprised its still around and a lot of people are as well. The main concept of ACP has not changed, as in what y’all do in Club Penguin, but over time and especially into this new era of communication, its become a lot more sociable. Very much more social based than it was in the primitive xat days. Discord has everything in which makes ACP still the main hub of CPA, as we were in the older days. My story isn’t something special and or exciting besides the fact that I’ve been here for a while, 10 years on and off as just a random member. Not many who have been around that long besides the obvious handful of people who still frequent this discord. Much has changed, while much has not. I started out small and worked my way up in 2014 to become a moderator and declined becoming part of the owner ranks (3ic and above) twice, I already knew it was too much responsibility for me. I did however volunteered a couple months to being ACPTR director and 4ic for the rest of my activity that summer. I stuck around here and there ’till the close of ACP in 2017, until it was reopened in 2019 soon after when CPA was becoming a thing again. I got the email and ended up checking it out, only to help with ‘wars’ and such, then someone needed help with the army. Which convinced me to get involved again, you know who you are, soon after in which I started to get active back into the army for a while when it was still shooting its second roots. not long after summer, I’ve finally gotten my commercial drivers license and am driving around the country (USA) for a career. So Im in limbo. Shoutout to those I actually remember from the days of the old; keynikki for you know what in 2014, Flipmoo for being the greatest AUSIA leader, Jerry for getting me that promo in 2014, LUMANARA for being a great ACPTR instructor, The 2014 TRIUMATIVE!!!!!, SLIDER for carrying ACPTR for longer than these kids been in diapers, Capnkitty and TAMIYAMI for making me laugh at their edating gone wrong LOL, SonicBoomESP FOR TAKING MY FREAKEN SPOT IN THE MONTHLY PROMOS but also for being a cool friend who just vanished, Chain who only I know to be crazy and chill basically being ACP’s Elmikey, Rockstar for being the AUSIA dude I knew back then, LILSTAR for not even being in ACP LOL, Cub for betraying SWAT and joining ACP during battle, Boomer 20 for recruiting me, Oagal for never showing up, Paco for being mexican, ALBARO FOR BEING THA MAN, Monsoon for those sick backgrounds for the xat chat!, BAM for being the greatest populist of ACP, Amax for being fellow troop!, Mikestar for the only active US mod i knew, Ahmed for keeping old discord alive in chat, Sonic for being the og ACP troll, ASD BUNNY FOR TIEING WITH ME FOR MOST LIKELY TO BE OWNER, Bigmail for being with the PST gang, brando who was my fellow ACPTR comrade, Metalhead for impersanating many ppls, and many many more people that I can mention but im too tired too. :EL~7: :flag_us: :EC~6: :awe~3:

Some more shoutouts to the boys and gals back in the old xat chat days; sonicadam for being the troll of acp, amax for being a good acptr student, flip again for carrying OG ausia, Bigmail for being PST gang!, Mikestar for that gatsby pfp, Skipper for always being close to ACP for the longest, mondo for always showing off his damn nameglow colors, Interweb for helping me boost my acptr attendance, bobcatboy for being the cowboy pfp in the room, Alexa for muting me when i spammed emotes, Tori w da boomboxxxx, Purpleslime for the best recaps and madlibs, Cait for putting up w me and slider lolol, Gar for helping out with acptr as well, Mrtchy for always being at every event i went to lol, koloway for being there at those events i attended in the late 2010s, someone who wont be named but they were funny ngl, also icey cold cant forget that dude GEEE I WONDER WHO HE IS??, Rogerdoger for best ACP flag, and many more i might remember later on”

– Aeropos


“Welp here I am back again in CPA. I always thought that I was gonna be done with club penguin armies because of the horrible stuff that happened in the past but I was wrong. I started in RPF and made my way around CPA (literally I was one of the biggest army hoppers) but whenever I needed someone ACP and DW has always been there for me. Shout out to Rockstar, Ahmed, Buggins, Subs, Owl, CR, Cubster, Brad, and Csy. ACP took me in at my lowest point and helped teach me how to be a good mod not to mention good hcom. Being on xat with ACP was the most fun I had due to the funny posts from Trader and Bam and the stupid xat cheers that always went on. I joined back the summer of 2020 when corona ramped up and made it to 4ic but I got into an arguement and left. While I was at IW I didn’t feel like I belonged. I missed the people I made friends with here. I honestly wish I hadn’t hopped around as much because I met my family here and my current boyfriend, Cheko. I’m happy to see the newest generation taking my place and making this army even more great. I am so proud of you all. Here’s to making more memories with each other. Happy 14th birthday ACP.”

– Skyfull


“I’ve only been here for like 4 days :flushed1: but from what I’ve seen you guys are probably the nicest CPA community out there and that’s the most amazing this because we all know CPA isn’t the most amazing place ever lol. I joined armies in DEC and I have a few vet friends on here and so they told me all the stories about ACP and how they were one of the most legendary because they were the first to have a proper systems to armies eg ranks etc. You guys are truly amazing and I can’t wait to see what comes for me in the future of being here. Happy 14th birthday ACP :EL~7: :EH~8:

– Tia/gugs ❤


“I used to play club penguin when I was 10 years old but I played in brazilians servers and I did not know about armies, but in February I started to play again Club penguin Rewritten, in March a random penguin at Ski Village asked me if I would like to join a group (Thanks Max :mmclovermilk: ) It’s been almost 7 months in this Awesome family, thanks for everything, I love you guys :ACPheart: Happy 14th birthday ACP I hope I’ll be here to celebrate futures anniversaries! :EL~7: :ACPheart:

– ZoomXT


“ACP opened up friendships for me that never would have happened without it :’) the community here is so very positive and supportive if you ever need it, and i think it will always have a warm place in my heart. club penguin has always been apart of my life and i hope it continues to be so for however long it needs to worms itself into my life. i give my thanks to the amazing people who have formed this community for the past 14 years. happy birthday ACP, may there be many years to come! :EH~8: :EL~7:

– Gib


“I’m not good with words so mine will only be short. I’ve been in armies for over a year been in many of them aswell, but none has made me feel welcome and like a 2nd home to me than ACP has. I have met so many amazing people here and made so many new friends some of whom I consider like siblings to me, also without ACP I never would of been able to getting feelings for the one I do. I’m glad I have been able to be here to experience ACP 14th anniversary like my gosh 14 years you know, fam that a long time. Here’s to ACP’s amazing future.”

– Dest


“Hi, I’m Sanya! :happy: You know me as the moderator who often has a reputation for trolling/joking around and probably being goofy as I can be. I trolled and joked around in many discord servers, often having fun; the reason behind this is because I always loved making people laugh and happy and bringing an energetic and happy vibe everywhere I went, and I got a pretty good reputation in anime servers/ club penguin servers or a communist server that i ended up becoming an admin thanks to my trolling :unmutemepls~1: I ended up joining ACP cause it has a special place in my heart in the past, and many people were surprised. I ended up becoming a Moderator in ACP really fast; they were like WHAT?!?!? SANYA IS A MOD OMG, and I would get DMs congratulating me on becoming a mod. One thing i like about being a moderator in ACP is that It really warms my heart whenever I get DMs from random members saying that im a really good moderator or DMs saying that im really lovely and friendly, and I love that! There’s this special person that deserves a shoutout tho :eyes:…. @D O I N K Hewwo! :waveKP: You’re an amazing friend, and I love everything about you, and you truly deserve the world, and you’re one of the greatest friends I’ve ever met in my entire life, and meeting you in ACP is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me because you always give me this motivation to push and to push and to do better and I love and appreciate every conversation and fun VC’s we have together doinky If there were more English words that I could use to describe how amazing you are… I would use all of them :hearts: because you would always make me feel happy whenever you were around and when I was down at times, and I genuinely appreciate that. :pleadinbih:ACP has always been a fantastic community where you could meet many new friends and could consider them part of your family, and I truly believe this is one of the greatest and most welcoming community you could find. Happy 14th Anniversary ACP!:EL~7: :EH~8:
“This isn’t gonna be long at all cuz im terrible when it comes to writing long things But my time at acp started on March 21st 2020 within my first 20-30 minutes of ever playing CPR or CP in general when @cubster recruited me in the Stadium (my first time entering the stadium :wary~10:) since then I have spent hours upon hours meeting new friends. In terms of how exactly i was affected by ACP, i suck at making things emotional but ACP is the greatest community I have had the honor of being in and I look forward to 14 more years :y_cheers: I can hardly list all the great people i have met along the journey, i can just about list @Yeti , @cubster , @chekalpha and @Kailey @Daniel and basically everyone else actually, yall are the best fam out there and again, heres to 14 more years of greatness :mmCupCheersMilk: .and yeah thats my very short message ty yall for this experience and happy bday to the greatest and best FAMILY out there :Salute~2: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FAMILY PPLS! Green Together, Family Forever. :EL~7:
– Fatchicken

“Wow, where do I begin with this. The Army of CP has been my home for the past 11 months. Joining “by mistake” on November 18th was one of the best mistakes I’ve ever made as this place has truly felt like a home to me. Those that know me from the original community know that I never stayed in an army for too long, never allowing myself to become attached to an organization or the people in it. But this all changed last November, and I finally understood the feeling of belonging in this community. A feeling that has helped me tremendously. I have met so many incredible people along the way, too many to possibly list, but thank you so much to everyone that has impacted both myself and this army – be that big or small. We all work together, in our own form, to make this community so incredible and positive for all those in it. That is something to be really proud of. I am beyond proud to say I am in this army. An army that is good, and filled with good people. We are an army that does not depend on wars or toxicity, but instead thrive from the love that we share with each other. From the accepting and uplifting community we have generated. No army does this better. The ACP embodies all that is good in this community, and has a sense of morality that is rarely seen. This is the reason we are still here 14 years later. And the reason we will be here for many more years to come.”

With love, Max

– Max


“Hey, I’ve been thinking about how to start this for the past 10 mins and idk how to. I’m not one for long emotional paragraphs but ACP definitely deserves it. I thought I was long gone from this community and only visited briefly to see what’s up however like many vets I came back due to quarantine. Honestly, I didn’t expect a high rank nor wanted one but CSY gave me 4ic so I was like lets goooo :rofl:. I joined during a bad time however I saw how CSY and the HCOM at the time handled it and I was impressed. I soon became HCOM and was even more impressed by how amazing all of them are. I cannot begin to describe how much better my quarantine was because of them. Over time I began to feel a sense of community that I knew no other army would provide. We were fr the greatest army in the community. The sense of morality in ACP is second to none in such a messed up community. I read crazy stuff that goes on in other armies and am so grateful that I chose ACP. We are not afraid to go to war for what’s right but also dont live off war but off the amazing community we’ve created and the love we have for eachother and I love it. Anyway I dont want to make it long. I will not thank individuals because I will exceed the discord word limit. Thank you everyone for being awesome. I can’t wait to make more memories, lead more battles, lead more VCs, have more game nights, fight for what’s right, and overall be a part of this awesome army! Happy 14th birthday, ACP, I love you :heart:

– Robot


“Omg I’ll write in English…. So.. I joined in Acp on May and this time is so beautiful, good, perfect, I met good persons and thanks for everything, congrats Acp, for 14 years more. I have 5 month here WOW (Sorry if u don’t understand me but I don’t use my traslate, I’m very proud). Yo hablé en inglés y me siento orgullosa ps, no use mi traductor que eso era lo importante, entonces por 14 años más ACP:smirk_cat::green_heart:

– Beiruk


“Ive been here for about 2 months at its been a pretty pog time ngl. Its a pretty dope server, i had some doubts for some time and started sliding into a different server but i have rebounded and came right on back because i have found out what the superior army is. ACPALPHA FOR THE WIN.”

– King Pumpkin


“i love y’all even though you guys can be clowns at times :heart: happy 14th anniversary acp!”

– Aurora


“is this what i miss? a 14th anniversary birthday?”

– Cus Cus


“Well well well, it’s been a fun ride so far. I joined ACP on December 11th, 2019. It’s been 9 months and 2 weeks. ACP was always special. I remember playing and always seeing green penguins in the EPF command room but I never tried to understand what was going on. So I always ignored it. December came along and I logged on and went to the plaza and saw these green penguins surround the area and be all cool :coolcat: I was curious about what was happening and decided to join. This place was VERY confusing and at first, I always thought it was an army that just held events and made people log on together but there is WAY MORE to it. This isn’t just an army, it’s a family. This is the best community I have ever come across and that I’ve been in. We fight :HR_RooFIGHT: for what is right and have each others back. You hear about other armies who are toxic af but in ACP its more about family and love. I’ve made so many friends here and got close to people I never thought I’d speak to and yes I’m talking about Sirplus, Steve and Zel . We are that one weird group that has done so much without anyone knowing but those are our memories to keep. All the fun takeovers and chaotic memories I have made here are always amazing. Whether spamming song lyrics at 1 am or vibing together or doing a mini takeover in the server. I WILL NEVER FORGET JOINING THE SERVER AND GETTING A KAILEY TAKEOVER WITH THE MAIN CHAT BEING CALLED #Kailey-chat :laff: Little things like those always make my day lmaooooo and I’m so thankful for all the memories I’ve made here so far. Everyone here is sweet and wonderful. Keep being amazing people and who would’ve thought green penguins would be so damn cool :es~1: This is the first and last army I’d ever be in :Happypanda: I love you all :ACPheart: Words can’t describe what ACP is. Happy 14th birthday ACP! Here’s to 14 more.”

– Kailey133/The local clown :EH~8: :EL~7:


“Hi ACP, I just wanted to say you guys have some of the sweetest people ever in this community, keep being awesome. Happy fourteenth birthday! May you have many, many years of success to come :hearts::clover:

– Sophie


“I don’t know how to put this but ACP has helped through a lot. I joined ACP on April 2020 i didn’t know anything about armies and I didn’t even know club penguin! ACP helped me through depression and starting to know that this army is special. It has many wonderful things. Everyone here is nice and friendly here having to talk to you made my day even more special. Thank you very much ACP! :EL~7:

– Wyperr


“i just want say how much acp helped me and here i found my best friends and all of acp is very sweet acp is the best they helped me through much”

– Fire Lord Zuko


Hey everyone, I’m Aces. I joined ACP back in November of 2019 and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t know what I was doing lol just thought it seemed cool. I had no idea armies existed up until last year yet I’ve been playing Club Penguin since 2005/06. “What have you been doing all that time?” you may ask? Well, playing CP of course! I remember when Koloway (or was it Max…?) messaged me asking if I wanted to become Moderator and I had to really think about before eventually saying yes to it. To think that I was considered good enough to be a Mod surprised me lol I decided to step down because it was getting too much for me so I stayed Major for a while until retiring a few months back. But don’t worry, I am still in the server, still participating in events when I can and I am not planning to leave! (It’s addictive! HAHA) Joining ACP at 25 years old (I know, it’s old!) was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am probably one of the oldest troops here and being called boomer alot, made me feel special LOL It’s definitely the best army, because of all the support I have received since joining. ACP has the best people and I’ve made friends with more people here than in real life, and that’s saying something believe me! You guys are the greatest ever and I really hope this special army never shuts down because a part of me would die. And I really mean that. I forgot to mention that I love that fact that this army supports LGBT people. That is amazing. Happy 14th Birthday ACP! Keep rocking, I love you all.

With love from, Your spooky boomer gay metalhead friend, Aces P.S: (I will rejoin ACP. When? Who knows?)”

– Aceshigh


“So I was originally a allied leader of ACP (DCP Co-Creator) and later on I was removed from my army at a very crucial point in my life (My brother died that day) While I realize now it may have had a good reasoning, I wasn’t ready to face reality at that point and needed something to focus my time on. So ACP took me in as a 3ic and I worked my way up to leader, then got it again after Sidie in 2016. ACP has welcomed me with open arms at 2 huge points now, one where I wasn’t ready to leave armies and one where I was getting ready to. I might have been the “Bad Guy” when I was around but i enjoyed every bit of it. I made a lot of bad decisions while maybe not wrong they were still bad, deals with other armies and lack of communication that might not have been justified and most importantly I desperately wanted to redeem my old friend Trader. I am glad you guys are doing so well and it makes me even happier to see how many people have succeded outside of ACP now. Don’t make it your life, just have fun with it. Happy 14th.”

– Bam, 38th & 43rd ACP Leader


“Hi everyone, Rarity here. I just want to wish ACP a wonderful 14th birthday. I just want to say how thankful I am to all the high commands who have been so kind and understanding. I love u guys so much and I hope more people join this wonderful army that I have come to know as my family. Thanks to everyone in the army and once again Happy Birthday! :tada:

– Rarity808


“I love y’all”

– Sirplus1881


“I have officially been in the Army for nearly eight months and now that I reflect on it, I do not regret joining at all, even if I was told by a few people to leave the Army due to reasons that I do not want to share. I did not think that this Army was right for me because I do not like talking much, especially when there are a lot of people in a particular group. I also thought that being in this group would be all work and no play and that is not what I wanted to do. In the nearly eight months I have been a member, I realized that my perceptions were all wrong. My experience in the Army of Club Penguin has been fun and unique. To me what made it fun and unique was the numerous events I got to participate in with several members of the Army, who would later become my friends. When I first joined, I did not know what “events” were and I did not know anyone who was in the group. After months of being involved, I realized that at every event I go to, I have fun because I am there with people who I get along with so well. I now know that every time I open up my Discord, there is this group chat of over 5,000 people that I can talk to whenever I want and attend fun events and games with them, all while getting out of my comfort zone and knowing that I am loved by people who are thousands of miles away. To summarize, I just want to say that my Army experience was fun, amazing, and something that I wouldn’t trade for the world. It warms my heart to know that I am part of a community that respects everyone, no matter what their personality is. Finally, I have to say thank you so much for accepting me into the Army of Club Penguin and for allowing me to slowly get out of my comfort zone when it comes to talking to people and meeting new ones. Even after being around for Fourteen Years, the Army of Club Penguin truly knows what it means to be ‘Green Together, Family Forever.'”

– PowerPrimate


“Hello, ACP, my clover counterparts! I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude to this organization for ultimately providing me a wonderful experience away from the complexities and hardships of face-to-face social existence. In early spring of 2008, when I was just 11 years old and utilizing the jumbled letter alias of Xgthrecgtejm, I was informally recruited into the Army by some girl on Mammoth or a similarly-relevant server. From there, a whole new world of meaning opened to me when I searched ‘Army of Club Penguin’ and stumbled upon Oagalthorp’s wordpress, the OG site. While I was effectively just a rogue for my early foray, as I didn’t much use XAT yet and never officially joined via the WP, the in-game team spirit and passion I encountered from comrades of many walks of life probably helped me begin to grow out of my then-self-centered core. Eventually, after an awkward sports exchange that summer with the newer leader, Fort57, on a day when I did actually visit, my drive to wear the green attire gradually waned, at least for a while. Eventually, I would be drawn into the Nacho sphere of influence as I also had much respect for their ascendant and brilliant head at the time, Person. And yet later down the road, well beyond Person’s retirement, another historical foe, Light Troops, became my new CPA home. By this time, it was the Summer of 2012, and I somehow developed hypomania. Working together with the revived Black Alliance network of armies to bring a ‘newer and freer’ order to the broader community, I went as far as plotting ACP’s fall from preeminence. In the end, though, and for all of the contributions brought to CP Warfare by forces like LT and DW, the edginess and frequently-tense environment of these various forces at the time served to remind me that perhaps ACP really did defend freedom and preserve justice for the greater collective. I was too immature and embarrassed at the time to return home to the Clover Defenders. so I instead moved on from the now-defeated Black Alliance by mid 2013 and was aiding RPF for a time, but the impersonal atmosphere I perceived after a while there, true or not, facilitated my eventual departure from this gaming network for years on end. My developing depression around that time certainly didn’t motivate me to socialize much online or in general. I did stay infrequently on XAT to converse with intellectuals of various qualities. Still, I sincerely thought my days in CP armies were behind me. During this lower period of my life, my biggest aim was just completing high school. But alas, after that had been done, and following my graduation from grade school in 2016, my psyche remained in a battered state, and I came back to CPA XAT’s once more, initially just with the purpose of rekindling relations with said intellectuals to help me understand the nature of my depression and social malaise. Rather desperate for redeemed companionship, I eventually gave the Light Troops another brief go and also met up with the crew now known as EHUMA around this time. The friendships I made there with good folks like Dillon and Games were strong enough to keep me going and now-recovering from my 2016 summer mental nadir. When Mchappy and ACP both spectacularly came back a few years into my EHUMA experience, many of us couldn’t help but answer the call to once more stand up for what is right. I am delighted to call this server and army a home away from home once more. Especially, I also want to yet again express my appreciation for people still here like Mchappy, Chainpro, Koloway, Max, Dillon, Jemma, etc. for just being themselves throughout these tumultuous times still defining 2020 so far. And of course, I thank ACP generations past and present for upholding the cause of beneficence on a personal and more-collective level, even if this is just online in essence. It is evident to me that the Army will continue to make history in very positive ways from here on out. Much love and respect from me, everyone!”

– David/Xgthrecgtejm


“Oh god haha, So yeah, ACP has 14 years now, thinking that I joined 3 months ago… It has been one of the greatest experiences ever, I had some nice experiences in armies but not one like this, When I first joined ACP everyone welcomed me like another family member, That really was satisfying, feeling a part of this great army is great, after a little grinding as troop and a lot of “hard” work and a really long time (3 weeks :acpchad: ) I got mod, Being a mod here isn’t easy, you really have to give all for your green family haha, Also, Huge shoutout to @Daniel , @🎃 spooky bri 🎃 , @Yeti and @Bailey bear for being the greatest gang ever lol :potw: So yeah leaving that behind, Since I joined ACP I’ve made a lot of memories and friends, This community is the best, everyone is so nice and friendly lol, Stay GREEN :acpcrewmate: :ACPheart: Ik I’m really bad writing and expressing my feelings but yeah lol! Happy 14th birthday ACP :es~1: :ACPheart:

– Nacho, your favorite food

“Maybe I should write a little something. It’s always been an absolute pleasure to watch ACP grow year after year. I feel that despite any stress or ‘hard times’ we face, the good memories always shine through. You all have turned this into something bigger than I could have imagined in 2019 and so for that I thank you. I hope that throughout this year I have been worthy enough to be called your Guardian. It’s no joke that this community was a huge support to me when I was growing up. There have been many life lasting (so far) friendships I have made from this game. This server, and this community, is truly what you make of it. As Bam stated in his post, the main goal is to have fun. Fourteen years as an online community is quite an accomplishment, especially if you consider back in 2006 the average age was much younger compared to what it is now. We’ve continued tradition and we have created our very own source of culture here. There will absolutely be more birthdays to celebrate. Thank you once again for making this a super memorable year! Happy birthday to the Army of Club Penguin! :EK~6:

– Mchappy, POG


“Happy Birthday ACP. Proud of all of you for what this army has become and especially @Prom King Mchappy 🍎 for being a key part of making it all happen, again. The goal for everyone is to make this next year just as fun as the last! :AwesomeFaceClover:

– Shaboomboom, POG


“Happy birthday ACP! I have never been happier than I have after becoming part of the community. To be honest, I never would’ve thought of being a part of such a fun group of people who happens to be playing a game about penguins let alone an army. I genuinely had a great time hanging out with you guys! May you have decades of luck and success!”

– Dacooldisc


“so… the day i joined acp i never though in a thousand years i would be here till september. it was just gonna be a good way to waste some time for a few weeks but here i am 2ic with you all never wanting to leave. its been amazing to hang and meet each and every one of you here today you are truly what makes this place home and a place i want to be! happy birthday acp and thank you all for making this a great community! :YMHeartGreen::acpglow::EL~7:

– Zelly



– Rohan


“Guess it’s my turn to speak, first of all I just wanna say, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACP!:green_heart::shamrock: Anyways, I agree with @Prom King Mchappy 🍎 & Shaboomboom aka Level 14 Grandpa. This army, this community, this family, has truly evolved into something magnificent, throughout these 14 years. And it has been quite an honor to be on the same bus as you guys along this journey. Despite all of the stuff that has been going on in the real world, no matter what, we, together, continued to stand strong, and we did it together. We are the definition of a family, and we are what got ACP to the point it is at now. We’ve may have had some difficulties, along the way, but that is life, life isn’t meant to be a easy sail across the sea, no matter what there will always be that one wave that will shake the boat, but the only thing that truly matters is how we handle it, and that we stick together. Be there for one and another, make sure each and everyone of us is okay, and if not, try to help them. You don’t have to know what everyone is going through, but let them know that no matter what, you’re there for them and let them know that they have a friend that cares. Let them know that they’re not alone, and together, we shall continue on the journey and stand together for a brighter future. And remember…. GREEN TOGETHER, FAMILY FOREVER!!:green_heart:

– Skipper233


“As some of you may already know, I first joined ACP in April of 2012. Since then, ACP began to grow on me more and more over time as I learned to understand and appreciate our unique community. It still absolutely mind boggles me (every single day, actually) to think about how many years ago ACP was created and how far it has come, being carried on the shoulders of dedicated officers, troops, and friends such as yourselves. Perhaps even more impactful to me these days is the fact that despite what seemed to be the end of the line, the end of it all back in March of 2017, was not really the end. I’m so thankful (yes, every single day) that I was able to get my beloved community back, and it warms my heart to see all of you uniquely contributing to our community and enjoying what it has to offer. For the past nearly 9 years, ACP has been very important to me, and it means so much that this community is continuing to flourish and that new generations of this community are pushing its legacy forward, breathing new life into it, making your marks and your own individual legacies here, and making new friends and waddling on (just as our dear original Club Penguin game wanted). If there’s one thing that ACP has taught me over the years, it would be learning to NEVER give up and ALWAYS push yourself to keep going, whatever the case, no matter what adversity one is facing, regardless of what the future may hold. Among countless other things, I also think that ACP has a way of teaching and encouraging respect, appreciation, and an understanding of what it means to be tolerant, fair, upright, and benevolent toward others as we continue to move forward in our lives. Furthermore, it would also seem that ACP has a way of showing us that when integrating those admirable values into how we live our lives and move through the world, we start to help make the world a better place—even if that starts with helping one person involved in your same online community through a tough situation or being a friend to those in need of one. As the ancient Persian ruler Cyrus the Great is believed to have said, “You cannot be buried in obscurity: you are exposed upon a grand theater to the view of the world. If your actions are upright and benevolent, be assured that they will augment your power and happiness.” Never underestimate the power of compassion, camaraderie, and friendship as it applies to how it can impact others, and how it can benefit you in life. I often say that if you are there for ACP, it will be there for you. For me, I feel that this has been very true in a multitude of wonderful life-changing ways. And I am grateful for it every single day. Regardless of the challenges that our great community has faced over its extensive 14 year history, we have always managed to march on, even when it seemed that doing so would be impossible, or when it felt as if our efforts would be in vain. The reality is that this community holds tremendous, profound meaning in itself, and I’m sure it holds something of similar weight and significance in your hearts as it does in mine. While it is true that we certainly can’t predict the future or know what exactly lies ahead for all of us in this community and beyond, I have great confidence that whatever happens, we can and we will give our all for our brothers and sisters, our comrades, our green penguin family, and continue marching on as we have done so for the past 14 years (and perhaps we’ll do so for another 14!). Hey, we’ve done it already, so who’s to say we can’t do it again? Many of us spend tremendous amounts of time here, and in doing that, I hope you’ll remember to let nothing stand in your way, whether it be in the pursuit of goals, dreams, careers, or helping others and encouraging others to do the same. ACP certainly hasn’t let it happen, and my friends, neither should you. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and every one of you for being here and supporting this great community, and I want to especially thank those that I have come to know very closely in the past year for your unwavering efforts, dedication, and friendship. Just as ACP is very close to my heart, you in particular are as well. As we celebrate the past 14 incredible years, I hope everyone has an amazing day celebrating this remarkable milestone. Let us look to the future, too, and give a toast to another even more amazing 14 years of the Army of Club Penguin!”

– King Mondo :EL~7:, 44th & 45th ACP Leader


“ACP was always a place for me to go to whenever I was feeling tired even when I wasn’t a part of the army. After that we became close allies, and there are so many awesome moments that I had just as allies that I can’t believe it myself that such an amazing army exists. After my home Elites crashed down, this became my new home, and slowly I started feeling it even more strongly. You’re the best man, happy 14, lets get to infinity :pls:

– Scorpion Demon


“So apparently everyone’s writing long essays and I’m just gonna be here with a short paragraph but oK- I just want to say that even if I haven’t been here very long, ACP is an amazing community. All the people here are so nice, and I knew from the moment I stepped into this server that I would stay. The whole concept of ACP was something I found really cool, and the members are so welcoming! ACP isn’t just battles or events, we’re bigger than that. ACP is a community where all of us can have fun. All of that said, happy birthday ACP! It’s been 14 years and I can’t wait to see it grow more :EL~7:

:00_heart: Wolfi :00_heart:/DragonShadowWolf


“Happy Birthday ACP :cpheart: :cutehappy: :zeutem: And besides, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all, this golden community :cutehappy: :irishclover: You make me smile, you’re amazing ! Club Penguin is my childhood and I’ll never forget it :zeutem: Club Penguin is my childhood and I’ll never forget it :zeutem:

– Julia, a French penguin :FlyingHearts:


“I still can remember the time when I join ACP, back in the OG days. It’s great to be part of all this after so many years, even if I’m a little busy at the moment, but hey, it’s time to celebrate. Happy Birthday!”

– Nathalex1


“I haven’t been here too long, but I really and truly love this group. Most people have been kind, welcoming, and supportive. Happy birthday, ACP!”

– Peter/Hi2913


“I wish a happy birthday for ACP. this community is awesome and has some pretty cool people. Even though i’m quite new here joining a couple years ago it has been a fun experience for me. <33”

– Marquis


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACP!! Hi I’m bri lmfao. I joined ACP back in June after the Dark Bandits shut down. When I was in DB I would often come to the ACP chat to just talk and hang out and spam :ilyacp: :ACPheart: I was excited to join after DB’s closure. I may not be the most active member because I lead Red Ravagers but ACP has been a great second home to me. I’ve met some of my closest friends here and I’m super excited to continue this journey with ACP. Bailey and I are getting married in two weeks and everyone is invited! We’ve made a ton a jokes and a ton of memories here. Acp going 14 years strong is incredible and I have high hopes for future generations to continue the legacy. It’s amazing how one can find such close friends and a great community through a silly penguin game. I love you ACP and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :ACPheart: :ACPheart: :ACPheart:

– Bri


“Happy birthday for acp,i dunno what to say but happy birthday ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

– ItsAlexis


“Happy birthay ACP ❤ I have incredible memories from this game :,)”

– Otaku_Fujoshi


“Happy Birthday ACP, ACP was the first army i joined and for sure my favorite and i hope to stay forever:ACPheart:

– Cathrine


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACP, You have been a huge part of my childhood and I hope to keep you in my life as I grow older”

– Shad0W0lf


“Happy birthday! Even tho I haven’t been here long it’s been fun”

– Subaru/Shiro


“Happy Birthday , Y que chinguen su madre los echos”

– ZPTxUltraman


“Happy birthday ACP! It’s fun being part of this great community.”

– e a t w a t e r


“Happy Birthday ACP”

– Stevos


“i just want to wish you a happy birthday. And you acp thanks for this year it been great you helped me allot. thru the darkest times and even helped with my sociall skills thank you i really mean it ! :CloverPanda: :ACPheart:” 

– Pandito


“ACP was my first army back in 2012 and I couldn’t have asked for a better army to be my first. Growing up I always looked up to ACP leaders wanting to be like them. 8 years later, I am so happy to see that this army is still thriving and has stayed true to the “ACP way”, something many armies cannot say. Throughout the years I’ve made so many amazing friends from ACP and I’m glad that this army has one of the best HCOMs in the community rn and they’re making the acp experience unforgettable for all these newer troops. I’ll always cherish my time in ACP and I hope everyone else does too as it goes by very fast! Happy 14th birthday ACP, hoping for another successful year! :ACPheart:

– Orange



– iiDarkAsh/Kailey310’s sister


“HAPPY BIRTHDAY ACP! yall da best :ACPheart:

– Yesn’t


“ACP, there’s so much I could say. You’ve been my family since April, and I’ll never look back. The level of love and dedication to CPR shown here is nothing short of astounding. Everyone here, from the hcom/mods (special shout-out to @Robot for recruiting me), to troops have been so kind and wholesome. I can’t believe this has been going on for 14 years and may it long continue! Happy birthday ACP! :clover: :green_heart:

– Lily250


“Happy birthday ACP, stay green and awesome :happy: :clover:

– Shane


“Happy Birthday ACP! The Honor is well”

– MinorCPPS



acp rock”

– SawFishPro


“I know I have been on leave for quite awhile now, but that doesn’t stop me from me explaining how amazing each and one of you are, and how ACP has basically changed my life. I have no words to describe how grateful I’am to meet you all. Ever since I came to ACP, everyone has been so welcoming and so friendly. Y’all opened up your arms for me and that was what I ever wanted. This community was different compared to other communities I’ve ever been to. It was chill, wholesome, best of all, no drama. In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen a server this drama-free before. Before I joined ACP, the communities I were in were really toxic and they were filled with drama queens and brats. So much drama was going on, it started to stress me out a lot. I started to become very unstable because of this and I didn’t want to lose my friends over continuous drama. That all stopped until I met DOINK over userphone. She invited me to this server and that was it. I started to become more active in the server and what did you know? I started to become friends with half of you guys. (huge prompts 2 doinkie for showing me this amazing server sobs) That was when I knew I had to cut off the people who were hurting me. Thank you ACP for being such a wonderful community. I’m not even kidding, this is probably the best community that I have ever been in. Y’all are just so caring, understandable, chill, you guys make my heart melt sometimes. I’m so grateful to find this community and I just wanna tell you all you are amazing people. If anyone comes at one of you guys, please let me know so I can beat the crap out of them talk to them. Seriously, you guys are the best and I hope everything is doing well for each and one of you. You all mean a lot of me. I would like to thank:

doinkie SQUAKER :acpscream:
ashie person that always asks questions
kimi watormAloN hollow video game character
cherry, pan, chungus, destro people that usually ship me with hollow :wary~10: oofman roblec warlord :robDab:
skipper and marquis sippers :sip:
eat water (Jorge) wator
chek and sawfish pros at phantom forces yasmini YASMINIIIII :acpscream: dark/light sonny :Cute:
the 2 kaileys hello kitty addict and non hello kitty addict
king mondo King Mondo? More like… ACP bunny duck :bunnyduck:
sully (he has big brain guys)
sarah/aurora, rairai, bei, sarahah, faux, pumpkin, enigma cool people pungu waddle waddle
icey chill dude
nacho your username still makes me hungry dest the supreme lurker 3000 tay TAYTAYTAYTAYTAYTAY
max hope you get a prom date soon bro :patpat:
panda :panda:
chicken your username also makes me hungry poly even doe you may not see this, youre still epic :fist:
gib gib me bread ples
YEET MASTER and Hunter best bros
acsev7n v3ry epicz
daniel animelover101
aces the other one who lurks
cube brown bread addict
cubby cub cub

if i missed you I’m sorry, but there’s so many people i appreciate and I’m already tired from writing this much people lmfao Again, thank you all so much for being such extraordinary friends. I love you guys and I hope this community continues to grow and grow over the years. Y’all are amazing! Green together, family forevar. (oh uh btw, issa x bread is canon)”

– Issa


“Back in April I was kind of going crazy with being so isolated from everyone else. There was not much to do and I was just chillin on my laptop. I found myself playing club penguin rewritten and enjoying the nostalgia, when cubby started a conversation with me. He ended up recruiting me and I was pretty skeptical at first :thinking:. I even called ACP a cult in the chat and I got a lot of backlash for it :joy:. But pretty soon I found a real loving community that I am proud to call home. I am so grateful for everyone who welcomed me in with open arms. Especially @Marquis who showed me the ropes and helped me figure out what the heck was going on :joy:. Even when I had the virus, I had a ton of support here and it helped me get through it. I’ve only been here for a couple months, but I hope to stay here for many more to come. Thank you ACP for being what you are. Happy birthday!”

– Sully


“Happy birthday ACP! I can’t thank you enough for all the friends and memories you have given me and the more to come, TO THE NEXT 14 YEARS :wine_glass: GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER!! (maybe in the next 14 years we can get majors to finally get clobrs :Hehe: )”

– Baileybear


“Happy Birthday ACP!!! teehee”

– Ash


“Happy birthday! Cheers to allowing me to be part of the community for over 4 years, and cheers to the next 14 years of chaos :purple_heart:

– MaddieCW3


“Happy birthday to the Army of Club Penguin! It is awesome to see that the army is still going strong after 14 years. It was an honor and a privilege to serve as a soldier and leader, and I hope to check in and see further success in the future. :heart:

– Mikester, 35th ACP Leader


“Happy Birthday ACP !! Happy 14th !! This is one of the best communities that I have ever been in and I appreciate all of you~ Thanks to everyone in ACP that I have ever had an encounter with !! GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER :EL~7: :EK~6:

– Kimi :Salute~2:


“Hello ACP I want to say happy birthday and thank you for supporting me and everyone else it has been an amazing 14 years even though i joined on this year I still Love all of you and i hope that we will be the biggest army in all of Club Penguin And even if someone gets lost we have alot of great warriors to help them. Together we will fight and never give up. GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER | I AM A PROUD SOLDIER OF ACP | CLOVERS ALL OVER. These words represent ACP and everyone who has joined it once again Thank You Everyone For Joining And Have A Great Day! Green Together Green Forever! :smile:

– Rusty


“Happy birthday, ACP!”

– IsaacTheDreamer


“Happy Birthday ACP! I can’t say a lot because I’m very new in this army lol but I’m so happy for being here, this community is amazing. Thanks for giving me an opportunity and for being so nice with me, and I hope ACP keeps growing more and more. Green Together Family Forever! :ACPheart::EL~7:

– Belencita


“happy birthday acp! i love you all, you’ve been incredible to me in the past 6 months and you’ll always be part of me, green together, family forever :EL~7: :EH~8: :EL~7: :EH~8: :v::v::v:

– Lucia


“Happy birthday ACP :salute: :mmclovermilk: I might not be enlisted here or have been in the server as long as others, but y’all have always been great allies to CG and always seem to have a wholesome environment. Congrats on 14 years, and here’s to more years of success and clovers :cheers: :ACPheart:

– Tsanami, Crimson Guardians Leader


“Happy birthday ACP!!! The last few months I was a staff member were the greatest months of my life. I originally joined ACP because I wanted something to do during quarantine, and I thought spamming emotes would just be a way to ease my boredom. I quickly realized that ACP was more than that. We are a community. Although I’m no longer a staff member here, ACP will always hold a special place in my heart, and to everyone not sure if they want to get super involved or not, if you have the time. Do it. It might be work, but every bit of it is worth it. Enjoy it here, for you may find a second family. Green together family forever :Salute~2: :camoclover:

– Shebyr


“Happy belated birthday to ACP. I’m glad I found this community of awesome people and it has helped me enjoy club penguin so much more.”

– Reshykrom

IV. Final words.

I would have put this as a note after all of your gracious submissions, but I feel that would take away from the community. Part III is words from the community, and it is your words make this community special.

107 submissions. 18467 total words. We received 107 submissions of varying lengths. Reading through them all, it’s insane to me how what started off as some different colored penguins throwing snowballs at each other, has evolved into something so much bigger. I am proud, as the 48th commander of the Army of Club Penguin, not because of the heights we’ve reached, but because of the community we’ve built. A community that has touched and irrevocably changed so many people.

Happy 14th birthday ACP.


with huge thanks to Kailey310 for her help

and everyone else in ACP.

8 Responses

  1. Many more years to come it’s just the start!!

  2. The best family out there. Happy Birthday ACP ❤

  3. Long live the ACP! x

  4. happy new year?

  5. Happy Birthday ACP crazy how long this has lasted cheers to another 14 year!
    noka8- former ACP 2IC


  7. GTFF! Happy Birthday ACP!

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