September Fan-Art

Welcome to September’s Fan Art showcase! (dam its the end of the month already and hey its also ACPs birthday this month 14 years strong! anyways enjoy and make sure to comment your fav ones.
P.S this is the first fanart post I have done with Word-press and I hope it works out well if you wanna know the artist of an image just click on it!

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Fourteen Years of ACP

Addressed to the members and friends of the Army of Club Penguin, both new and old.

With ACP’s 14th birthday approaching, I’ve been racking my brain as to how to best write this post. How do we condense 14 years of community into one post (however garrulous this ends up becoming); how do we compress all the friendships we’ve made, into mere words? Perhaps this is the most insane thing I’ve ever attempted – no amount of words, numbers, pictures, can represent the community we’ve created in this year. Or perhaps, this is the only sane thing I’ve done – perhaps the memories and friendships need no substantiation – and we just remember, reminiscing together with pride.

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