2020 Fair Walkthrough – CPR Guide



Recently CPR released the fair update containing a plethora of new things and this guide covers them all!




The pin can be located in  the Coffee Shop:

Throw snowballs into the funnel of this machine to output the Ice Cream pin.

What are “Tickets” and how to get them

You may realize that there are these things called Tickets, tickets can be acquired by playing the various minigames found in the Game Room and Forest. The game room can be accessed by walking down the path at the bottom right of the Docks. In the Game Room, there are 2 minigames that give you tickets and 1 Mystery Wheel. Bonus: The top right and top left of the rooms lead you to two fair rides, a Rollercoaster, and a Ferris Wheel.

Game room. The minigames in order are Mystery Wheel, Ring the Bell, Puffle Shuffle.

There is a chance while changing rooms or after each play of a game, you get a Golden Ticket which can be used to spin the Mystery Wheel at the Game Room that can be used to win the Mystery Prizes.

In the Forest and the Circus (Circus is found at the top of the Forest), there are also Prize Booths that can be used to purchase prizes using tickets.


Background & Cowboy Hat

A cowboy hat can be found at the Lighthouse while the Step Right Up background can be found at the Ski Village.

Press the red button to get the background.



Finally, we reach the code that gives you two unique items as well as 20,000 coins.

The code is: THEFAIR20 

The entire island is also different, feel free to go round exploring the new rooms (Circus is pretty cool @kailey)

Thank you for reading my guide, as always I hope it helped, and if I happened to miss anything just DM me on discord (FatChicken88#6885)

Guides are sponsored by #events!

ACP Major General

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  1. Awesome guide Chicken! Keep up the good work!

  2. That help me alot Chicken! ACP ACP ACP

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