[US] Popcorn Takeover Results!!!


Hey there ACP!

Today we logged on to the one bar server Mammoth on CPR for our amazing popcorn takeover! We maxed an impressive amount of penguins! Don’t forget!!! React in #event-chat if you attended to claim your clobrs!

Max: 46

Max of 46 penguins at the Ice Berg

If you had fun, make sure to check out the #announcements page to see the times for the next event! Enjoy your popcorn and see ya around ACP!

ACP Brigadier General

6 Responses

  1. I was there! I had a great time serving up popcorn on CPR and singing some karaoke in Main VC!

  2. This was pretty epic

  3. Lets go ACP! We are on the rise

  4. Super fun event, ACP = best CP army

  5. Woo! Well done ACP!

  6. I couldnt participate this one :9

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