[UK/US] Xat-Led Throwback – Results!

Hola ACP!

Today we logged on Bunny Hill, CPArmies for the first event for ACP’s anniversary, but with a twist… We went back in time, and used Xat to lead the event! Thank you to everyone who came, remember to react in #event-chat if you attended! Let’s make this week one of the best weeks ever! Happy Birthday ACP! 

We maxed 37!

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[Funky’s Fun House] Week 2 : Superhero123

Welcome, to Funkys Fun House! 

This is a part of Shamrock Bulletin in which I am going to post this whenever I feel like it as many times a week whenever I want, simply and most importantly, because I can. Expect many grammatical and spelling errors as I am literally just gonna type this and then post it or something like that I dont really know. Basically dont expect anything because im not really sure what to expect either.

Every week I will try my best to interview some guy thats in CPA who I think is pretty cool, who will always be from outside ACP, and I will ask them some questions. Then after I might leave some crosswords or something maybe like a word search and then whoever does it first can receive a brief handshake, maybe a cool role and a few clovers cause that sounds unique I think.

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ACP 14 Year Anniversary Celebrations

Celebrate ACP’s birthday with us with an array of fun events, community activities, and more! Read on to learn more about what we have planned.

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[US] Popcorn Takeover Results!!!


Hey there ACP!

Today we logged on to the one bar server Mammoth on CPR for our amazing popcorn takeover! We maxed an impressive amount of penguins! Don’t forget!!! React in #event-chat if you attended to claim your clobrs!

Max: 46

Max of 46 penguins at the Ice Berg

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