Shamrock Bulletin Investigates OSRS Rumors

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

MAMMOTH— In a shocking turn of events, a new role was added to the Discord server over the weekend alongside a new channel #oldschool-runescape. Runescape is a role that designates those in the ACP clan on world 393 on the two decade old MMO. Is this a joke gone too far? What is going through Mchappy’s head? In this installment of the Shamrock Bulletin, we lazily investigate the inner workings behind this new role.

This is not the first time chatter of Runescape has echoed throughout the halls at the Army of Club Penguin. There’s actually quite some history with it in our past. Multiple attempts at establishing a Runescape “division” can be found within our archive. Notably during Runescape’s peak between 2008-2010, meetings would sometime be held in a city in the game called Varrock. Little Mch was extremely happy when ACP announced its Runescape enterprises. In fact, despite joining the ACP in December 2008, Mchappy would spawn moments of inactivity until spring for the sake of his Runescape gaming. How serious were these Runescape meetings? Well, back then, pretty serious. But here’s a post in 2009 of Rapidy calling together a meeting at the request of Headofpolice. Rapid was the 3rd leader of ACP and Head was a co-leader. A year later, Casiusbrutus, would go on to make an official Runescape branch within the ACP. Cas many years later also became the 29th leader of ACP (but we don’t talk about that)! Many in the army at that time were eager to join with that post sitting currently at 71 responses- my own response included.

So what’s the point? Why go through the effort to make a Runescape clan? There’s really no answer to this. Runescape has been a fundamental MMO in the memories of many millennials and gen Z. It harkens back on a nostalgia train that many love to visit from time to time, just like they do with Club Penguin. However, it’s never been a central focus of the daily workings of the Army of Club Penguin. There’s too much to do, so little time. Now that armies have moved to Discord, the addition of a channel for those who may haps want to play together is in the realm of possibility. But it shouldn’t take away from our regular duties on Club Penguin. In fact, who doesn’t love to kill goblins once in a while in their free time.

Here’s the part of the post where I put an interview. I was able to grab one with Lily250 aka sh0rtwizard!

Let’s address the elephant in the room. Congratulations on your promotion to moderator in ACP! How does it feel?

Thank you! It feels great. It’s been a whirlwind five months and I’m so happy to be working with the staff and HCOM!

We are sure you’ll do phenomenal on the mod team! Now, there’s been lots of discussion lately that you might have started a new project in ACP. :eyes: How did Oldschool Runescape catch your interest?

Well, I’ve been playing since 2007 (took a hiatus ’til two years ago because my account got hacked) and someone mentioned it in #main-en. Then I was hooked again. The fact we have several people who play it as well helps!

Now that there’s an Oldschool Runescape channel in the server there’s been a lot more people giving the game a try. What are some tips you might have for those in ACP curious about OSRS?

Hmm, good question! I’d say, as dull as Tutorial Island may seem, pay attention – it’ll help you a lot when you’re on the mainland! Don’t be afraid to ask for help (from ACP or in-game) but be wary of scammers. Quests are fun and will give you extra points to help you advance, making the game a more enjoyable experience!

Finally, what goals do you have for your Oldschool Runescape account personally? Additionally, are there any fun things you’d like to do in OSRS with other members?

Personally, I’d love to complete all the F2P quests before I try out membership, and get my combat levels up to 60/70ish! I’d love to collaborate with others on quests or go hunting in the Wilderness with them, if they’re feeling brave.

There has been a little resistance to the new channel but Mchappy over rules you all! Unfortunately, due to my schedule, I won’t really have much time to play but it’s a good ole time and something to do if you’re a little bored during the rona szn. If you are interested in joining us, ask for the Runescape role from any staff member and that will allow you access to the #oldschool-runescape channel. Hope you all enjoyed my silly post.

Keep those snowballs coming,


ACP Guardian

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  1. Woah… OSRS in the ACP?? NICE!

  2. acp its the best army cuz we have OSRS hehe

  3. acp its the best army cuz we have osrs hehe. ACP ACP

  4. Great post!

  5. This was a really fun interview to be part of, here’s to more OSRS fun with ACP!

  6. LOL amazing

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