[UK] Day 7: The Final Battle

Hey ACP!

To conclude the civil war, Alpha and Echo faced off against the newly inaugurated Delta division, where we maxed 52. Read more to see how the battle went!
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[US] Day 6: Alpha vs. Echo Battle and Card Jitsu Tournament – Results!


                Hola Alpha and Echo!

        Today, we logged on CPArmies, Bunny Hill for another Echo vs. Alpha battle. After 6 exhausting days of war, we find ourselves with another hard fought battle between both branches, and once again, a branch rises victorious…

Here are the results of the battle:

Room 1: Tie (1 point to both) Room 2: Alpha (1 point)

And here are the results of the Card Jitsu Tournament:

Due to Mow winning, and being from Echo, he takes two points for Echo!

Echo wins with an overall score of 32

War score has been updated to 148 with Echo on the lead

We maxed 40!

Tina is an ACP Troop.

Thank you to everyone who came! Both branches have fought hard throughout the week, but tomorrow, everything will end. Tomorrow, one team will rise victorious, but, another branch has been risen once again… React in #civil-war-schedule if you can attend the Final Battle!

ACP Major General

The Reformation of the Delta Division


Addressed to the Alpha and Echo Divisions

Effective immediately, the Army of Club Penguin’s Delta Division will be reformed.

We have sat on the sidelines too long, watching the Army of Club Penguin be ripped apart internally, by bagged milk, by accents, and by YOUR MOT HER jokes. 

The moderation team has had enough. Enough Higher Command trying to campaign their sides, making the moderators choose between teams, then working them to the bone in an attempt to build their division. Enough arguing over leading, who has the better tactics, and who has better jokes. 

The Army of Club Penguin moderators stand together, united once more, under our leader CSY. We have been dragged into a war against our own volition, and the more we see, the more we believe that there is no reason to fight. We might have fought for our divisions due to our loyalty for our branches – but we are first and foremost loyal to the Army of Club Penguin – a family that has been slowly torn apart in the past week.

And so, we can no longer, under good conscience, support this divide. We have worked together towards a common goal for so long – and today, we band together, in one final bid to unite ACP once more.

Delta (Δ) – the Greek symbol of change. 

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world”

United, we are the change we wish to see.
Let us band together once more, for a united ACP.

Δ: Catalysts of Change

ACP Leader

The ACP Moderators