[UK] Civil War Day 4: OG-Style Alpha vs Echo Battle – Results!


                Hola Alpha and Echo!

    Today we logged on CPArmies, Bunny Hill to go back in time! We battled out in an OG way, where tactics where shouted out ingame! Both divisions gave it their all in the battlefield with multiple charges and thousands of snowballs! And now, here come the very wanted results of the battle… 

Room 1: Echo

Room 2: Alpha

Room 3: Tie

This leaves us with a current war score of…

Echo 6 – Alpha 5

(Both divisions gained 1 point due to tie)

We maxed 37!

Thank you to everyone who came! Make sure to react in #civil-war-schedule if you can attend the other OG-Style battle later today!


ACP Major General

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