Exposing the Alpha Division: Moving Back Home

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin and Alpha Division

I, Field Marshal Zelly, am returning home to the Echo Division.

We’re just 4 days into the Civil War, and I have decided to return HOME to my original division, Echo! After I saw what Kailey said about Max’s accent earlier, I knew it was time to join my brother. The British and Canadian’s stand strong! The Alpha HCOM aren’t as perfect as you think… 2Funky3 (or 2Drunky3) has been prioritising having a social life over Club Penguin Armies this past week – how DARE he! Rob and Cubby are basically e-dating at this point so I’ve been very lonely. But no more, I’m back home.

Our victory will Echo!


3 Responses

  1. Dear Echo, prepare to lose-Alpha

  2. Country Roads²

  3. alpha for the god damn win

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