August 20th Update: Water Party! – CPR Guide


                Hola ACP!

    Today I will be guiding you through the new Water Party that just got added on CPR!  We will be looking at the new pin, rooms and items!


     This new pin, which is a shovel, is located at the Docks, right behind the wakeboards as shown here (red circles):


    A new room was added! This room is called “Whale” (It’s a whale), accesible through the Iceberg, going this way: 

    Next I will show the locations of each of the new free items, scattered around the island:

Blue Lei: Docks

Shell Necklace – Beach

Umbrella Hat – Coffee Shop

Ice Cream Apron – Plaza

Green Duck – Cove

                Other cool stuff you can do:

    The new custom rooms all have a hose at the bottom right of the screen, if you click it and HOLD it, you will be able to spray people!  

    Also, in some rooms the snowballs you throw turn into water balloons!
Anywayz, I hope this guy helped you guys settle for this new super duper cool water party! Remember to react in #battle-schedule/#events/#ausia-events if you can attend our next event!

ACP Brigadier General

[AUSIA] Elite Penguins Secret Communications Training – Results!


Greetings ACP! We logged onto Bunny Hill in CPArmies for our Elite Penguins Secret Communications Training. Why so secret? Because we were given hints with different lettered formations to try and figure out what the next room would be. It was a very fun event! 😀
Max: 35
+ Luci

Good Job Today ACP! 
ACP Brigadier General

[Funky’s Fun House] Week 1 : Buddy


Welcome, to Funkys Fun House! 

This is a part of Shamrock Bulletin in which I am going to post this whenever I feel like it as many times a week whenever I want, simply and most importantly, because I can. Expect many grammatical and spelling errors as I am literally just gonna type this and then post it or something like that I dont really know. Basically dont expect anything because im not really sure what to expect either.

Every week I will try my best to interview some guy thats in CPA who I think is pretty cool, who will always be from outside ACP, and I will ask them some questions. Then after I might leave some crosswords or something maybe like a word search and then whoever does it first can receive a brief handshake, maybe a cool role and a few clovers cause that sounds unique I think.

Today, for our first episode, we have Buddy, Water Viking, Marines and Air Force Legend and SM Army Legend Nominee! But up first we have a themed Buddy word search, with the winner getting a “BUDDY SIMP” role and 3 clovers, the winner being the first person to DM me! {The role is only valid and kept till the next episode of Funky’s Fun House!}

PUZZLE 1 – Buddy themed word search!

Buddy – Background

Live Image of me destroying Buddys confidence (Colourised around a second ago)

Buddy is actually ACP 2ic?

A sneaky picture of me and Buddy at work together, with our very own CSY sneaking in at the bottom 😉

Time for the interview!

I am gonna be the green whilst Buddy is in blue. This interview is *slightly* edited to make it suitable for all audiences!


Funky: Hello Buddy! Buddy: Why, hello Funky! Funky: How are both you and the kids?

Buddy: I’m doing quite well. Little Timmy is off to kindergarten and Patricia is starting University!

Funky : Patricia has grown so fast am I right :cry: ! For all those that don’t know you, describe yourself only using words beginning with Y and J.

Buddy:Yummy, youthful, jovial and jacked :coolemote:

Funky: If I am totally honest, I could sit here for 77 years and not provide four better words. Next question, You Joker! Let the fine kids at home know how me and you came to be invol- I mean met each other.

Buddy : Dammit Funky…Well, we first became acquaintances in 2015 if my memory serves me well. I was leading the Water Virgins at the time and you were 3ic or 2ic. In other words, you were my b- troop for a few months. And since then I’ve always been in love with you :redface~2:

Funky: It was 2014 Buddy but whos COUNTING ANYWAY :UpsidedownTear: . How would you compare that to the time you tried to fire me for being a child Buddy? All those sleeplesss nights? To new CPA?

Buddy: WHAT? I never once in my life tried to fire you or ANY of my troops. I cherish everyone. But seriously, I barely know what’s going on anymore in this new CPA. I’ve pretty much been **CENSORED** for like 95% of my time leading since coming back in April so I just kinda go with the flow :waryhand:

Funky: Mhm totally believable response, but yeah new CPA is hectic we can agree there. Moving on! How many times a year do you use the word Xylophone do you think?

Buddy : I honestly don’t believe I’ve ever said that word out loud in my life. Ever.

Funky : RIGHT? Im thinking its something to do with the government, but thats a story for another day. If you had to pick a country out of these three to visit, which would you pick and why? Im going to translate your answer into the language of these three countries for comedic effect. Croatia, Florida or Mongolia?

Buddy : Absolutely Florida, I mean the sheer beauty of the place is just unbelievable dont you agree? It really gets me going sometimes…

Funky : Amazing vibes I have to agree. Final Question, Describe me using only numbers and special characters that you are likely to use in a password, more specifically ones that you would use with your sensitive emails and bank accounts.

Buddy : 49$$?>.>.2(*

Funky : Thanks Buddy!


The final part of my fun house today is an amazing 5 question trivia regarding Buddy and ACP! Wow what amazing topics! 1st place gets BUDDY SIMP role and 3 clovers with second place getting 2 clovers! Good Luck!

1.) Name any two Leaders that led alongside Buddy when WV first achieved 1st place on the CPAC Top Ten (HINT – Make sure you read this WHOLE post)

2) Which Current ACP HCOM supports the NBA team, the Atlanta Hawks?

3) Which army did Buddy decide to lead in late 2016? (HINT – Search “Buddy” on the CPAC Search bar!)

4) Which member of ACP’s staff team is a professional truck driver?

5) On October 27th 2019, ACP defeated who in a US Practice Battle? (HINT – Read our newly updated ACP Saga!)


Thats the end of the First Edition of – Funky’s Fun House! Comment to enter the trivia answers and leave feedback either in the comments or discord on how you feel I did well and what I can make better! I hope to see you all again with a new random guy/girl to patronize! Until then!

Lemme get back to you on that.

US Division Leader/Field Marshal