[UK/US] Operation: Vroom Vroom – Results!


Hello ACP, Today we logged in CPArmies in the server Southern Lights for our Vroom Vroom Operation, It started with the ACP troops with a red car outfit, in a huge plot twist it ended in a battle Red Cars vs. Blue Cars, Check here how the event ended!! (there was no winner)
30 Troops attended!!!

We had a really good time!! We did a BUNCH of tactics in a lot of rooms!!! Remember to comment if you attended!!
That’s all folks!!

Your favorite food here!


 Hey ACP!

We logged on to FIESTA today to face off our historical enemies, SWAT in a Practice Battle, where we realized we needed some better dance moves. Time to check out the best fortnite dances of 2020 :e5:

We maxed 63 and took home the victory.

Pookie, Maroon came on but we were too busy EL-ing please give us this 63 :O

Pre-battle Room: Inside Mine

First Room: Berg

Second Room: Stadium

Room 3: Docks


Good job ACP at today’s battle!