[US] Raid of Walrus (Battle vs. Templars)

 Sup ACP!

As y’all know we at war against Templars (bucket knights lmao) so we decided to raid their so called “holy land” (so holy they tried to transfer it, can’t even defend it) and the great knights decided to show up with a max of 4, making this one of the fiercest battles¬†ACP has ever fought. We destroyed Town, Berg, Inside Mine, Pool, and Stadium giving us an amazing… 3+2=5, 5-0, in a siNGLE BATTLE OMG ACP IS SO GOOD. We maxed 41 troops during the greatest raid of all time. Peace out brothers, ACP FTW!

Alright, I hope y’all enjoyed this event. Please remember to react in #battle-schedule for tomorrow’s invasion and react in #event-chat to get your clovers. Comment down below if you attended and if you enjoyed this amazing raid/battle/flex. Love y’all :ACPheart:
ACP Field General – Mehmed II, Conqueror of Constantinople