July 31st Update: Pin, Code, New Rooms! – CPR Guide

Hello penguins of the ACP,
I am constructing this guide on the new update that came out earlier. In this update, we had a new pin, rooms, and code come in. :E5:


This new Leaf pin can be found at the Ski Village at the foot of the dragon statue (red circle):
They have added a new room called “Magic School” that can be accessed from the Ski Village by walking to the left of the castle (Green circle):
New Room: Magic School
They have also re-added the Sky Kingdom, which can be accessed by climbing the beanstalk located in Town (in front of where I am standing):

You can also find the Skyward Staff here, use this to access the balcony of the castle.
Input codes from clicking the top right on the server screen:
Thanks for reading this, hope it helped. These are sponsored by #events so check that out
March On!
ACP Brigadier General

[UK] Practice Battle with Help Force-Victory!

Heya Clover Defenders!
Today we faced off against the Help Force for a Practice Battle, where we maxed 58! We managed to take home a 2-1 victory we’re all super proud of you guys for helping us take home this victory!

Pre-Battle Room

Room 1: Iceberg

Room 2: Stadium


Room 3: Cove


Thank you everyone for attending this fun practice battle with Help force and giving us this wonderful victory! Make sure to comment down below if you attended!
Brigadier General


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