[SATIRE] Meet the ACP High Command!

Heya ACP!
This is your favorite boomer Sanya! oh my god, Sanya is making another post please send help!  I’m here to introduce to you the ACP High Command! Some of you guys don’t really know who the ACP Higher Command is. So! I’m here to tell you more about them! So without further ado, lets jump right into it.

CSY irl^

So you guys may not know this super duper secret… but the leader of ACP is… WEIRD AL YANKOVIC!!

CSY plays a very important role in ACP by leading us to victory and making sure ACP is running smoothly but at the same time, he’s also Weird Al Yankovic, because he shows so much personality towards ACP and he’s a really ambitious and determined guy and fun fact WEIRD AL YANKOVIC LOVES POKEMON OMG!!!! CSY is known for making his super bad pokemon puns! So CSY is without a doubt! Weird Al Yankovic!!

Funky is Liam Neeson!!!! OMG!!!!

Funky is currently the leader of the ACP US Division. But did you know that funky is secretly… LIAM NEESON?? Funky is an amazing part of the ACP HCOM – he’s optimistic he’s a very disciplined person and he can overcome any adversities or obstacles thrown in his way! That is why without a doubt! Funky is in fact… Liam Neeson.

Max irl ^
It’s already common knowledge that Max is in fact an amazing person and most of yall know that Max is, in fact, Timothée Chalamet. Max is known for having amazing leadership skills in ACP and for having an AMAZING personality! Max is a very kind and loving person and he’s also very compassionate towards one another and often has a very romantic personality 😍 that’s why he loves koloway. 

Zelly is Ariana Grande!!!!
Zelly is Ariana Grande she’s known as the queen of karaoke nights cause she’s such an amazing singer!
As the ACP 2ic, during break days, Zelly unleashes her talents in VC by singing amazing songs to the community and hosting wonderful Karaoke nights! She’s also known for being a very artistic and hardworking person in the community and at the end of the day, we love Ariana grande  Zelly!

Kailey irl ^

She’s a clown.


Cubby is known for being a dope HCOM! but you guys may not know this but… he’s also Kevin Durant!!! He is a very humble and authentic person and he’s known for extreme loyalty to ACP!

Kevin Durant’s quote is “Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” and Cubby is known to live by this quote and that is why Cubby is in fact, Kevin Durant.

Robot irl^

Robot is known for being an amazing mentor in ACP since he’s a very intelligent guy he’s also known for being an extremely humble person willing to help anyone in need. He’s also ACP’s 3rd in Command and here’s a little secret ACP bought a robot and added the ACP logo and made him a general.

So to conclude this post ACP HCOM is rich af.
Don’t forget to comment down below if you enjoyed my post!
ACP Brigadier Boomer.

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  1. I love this!

  2. The elpehant goes moo moo moo!

  3. I'm actually secretly the queen of england

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