[UK] Koloway’s Retirement

Hey ACP!
Today we logged on to Mammoth CPR for Koloway’s retirement! On behalf of ACP, thank you for everything you’ve done Koloway. It was a fun ride but all good things come to an end. We wish you the best.
Max- 32

ACP General

Koloway Saves The Day

The date is July 19th, 2020. My name isn’t really Koloway, but you can call me “Koloway” just one last time. If you’re reading this post, that means I’m officially retiring from Club Penguin Armies.
What, exactly, does this mean? [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLZkf6HvO2Q ]

I first found Club Penguin in 2008 via Xat. I was chatting in my favorite Super Mario roleplay chatbox, and I saw a server on the home page. Upon joining, I was informed of a game called Club Penguin. I would go on to play that game for the next 14 years. One day, in 2009, I stumbled upon the ACP Xat Chat. With this chat (which at the time seemed way cooler, tougher, and edgier than I could ever be) came a website, and with this website I was enlisted. I would join many more times over the coming years, and I would make many great memories. My summer stints in the ACP were the highlight each year, and I’m glad I chose the right group. With this group, I was taught the importance of honesty, loyalty, and respect. I learned many great values in ACP, and for that I am grateful. One of the many side effects of joining a Club Penguin Army, in the ACP sense, is leaving better than you came in. I can say that for every one of my tenures in the army.

With the 2019 ACP revival, I learned about both myself and about the qualities of being a GOOD PERSON. I came into ACP, one more time, with a lot more personal things happening in my life. I needed ACP, whether people realized that or not. We planted the seeds of an empire, and then we began to water it. It was in this time that I needed companionship and a sense of belonging the most. Each day was a brand new adventure. In November, after the disappearance of Chainpro, I was faced with a choice. I would become the ACP Leader, but what would I do? I decided to reciprocate the loving and homely vibes that ACP gave to me as a child. ACP provided me with a place to fit in, a place to belong, and a home to call my own when nowhere else felt right. It was in these thoughts that ACP became such an inclusive and chill home for all, even if we were called “the island of misfit toys” a bunch of times. I’d much rather be a unique misfit toy than a faceless troop in a major regime.

Through my many times rejoining ACP, I faced a lot of flack from fellow troops and staff members. I had originally decided to stay away for good, but situations in life kept me coming back for a place to escape. ACP provided that, and I hope people can realize that. Ultimately, I was able to help further grow ACP and reach 3ic again. I had a lot of fun doing this, and I had a lot of fun helping out whenever I could. I hope I can still come on and help whenever I feel the need!

ACP has helped me and impacted me in ways that I could only ever hope to repay. ACP is a home. ACP is a loving home.

I’d like to take a second and write directly to a few people who impacted me:

Purpleslime4- You exemplify all qualities of a great leader! As a kid, even before you became leader, you spoke to me irregardless of rank and made me feel at home. Thank you for doing so! You kept me around.

Chainpro- When I found ACP, there were two members in the server. We had you, and we had Mchappy. I immediately reached out to you for a rank, and you offered me 4ic. Thank you for that shot. I always wanted to showcase my ability, and I went above and beyond in doing so! It’s a shame your leadership was cut short, but I was ready to take over and became better as a result of it.

Mchappy- I cannot say THANK YOU enough. You definitely carried my ass and gave me everything I have today. When I was promoted to leader, we both could tell I had no idea how to be “diplomatic”, how to talk to others, or how to run the whole show. You held my hand in that regard, and eventually I was able to run. I like to think of you as having been my co-leader! Thank you for the work you put into both me and ACP, even when it was not worth your time.

CSY- I did not like you when I first met you. You were combatant, quick to challenge, and loud about your own opinions. I now realize why you were such a loud advocate for yourself. Despite all of this, you became my successor. I cannot hold any disrespect for you, even if I wanted to. You have kept ACP stabilized and in a good position since you arrived. Thank you for your early work as AUSIA Commander and now your long tenure as ACP Leader. You are bound to have a legendary moment. It will happen.

Ultipenguinj- We have shared a lot of laughs, moments, and battles. Thank you for being such a close friend and ally when I needed you to be, and especially when I needed direction. Whether it was NDA, fighting various armies causing trouble, building an empire, dealing with RFCP’s antics, or even going toe to toe on the field, I had fun. I appreciate the respect you gave me & ACP, and it definitely helped us grow to where we wanted to be. I will never forget the Holiday Finals, even if that headache of an experience is one you would like to forget. That was fun. Thank you, Ultimate Penguin.

Max- You’re inspiring. You are the future… and apparently also the past? I wish I’d known you had such a detailed history when I first met you. You definitely wouldn’t have been a private. You continue to surprise me, and that is your best quality. You, even now, are filled with untapped potential. You are, and were always meant to be, the very best of us all. I cannot wait to see you break free of limitations and spread your wings– your future will be great. I am very excited to hear about what you do with your infectious energy and unending work ethic. You are a legend in the making, and you have the most integrity I have ever seen in one person. Congratulations, even if nothing has happened yet. That is how impressed I am by you. Hope dies last. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0CP9zpbmAQ

Kailey310- Thanks for being a cool member of my command! Sorry your leadership went the way it did. I wonder what the future holds for you!

Notmanuginobili- WHAT IT DO BAYBEEEEE!! You were cool too. Thanks!

Lucy- I met you and I thought you were pretty cool. I met you as a member in RPF, in 2018, and we became friends. I will never forget the energy you brought into each conversation. I was proud to invite you into my ACP HCom, and I was even happier when you accepted. You did amazing work! Thank you for being a great friend (even when I didn’t deserve it) and a great commander.

Ty brothers, Tylund and Tymatt- Thanks for your contributions to early ACP!

Cassie- You’re an awesome friend! You’ve stuck by me no matter what, and I respect the hell out of that. You are determined and find success in all that you do, and I can’t wait to see you pick a direction. Thank you!

Skyfish- I very, very much enjoyed my time with you in ACP. You did a lot of good work in teaching me some cool ACP history, and you were always there when I needed you. Very reliable friend! Thank you for being one of the MVPs of this ACP’s generation. Your efforts in early ACP contributed a lot towards both the growth of myself as a person and the army we both call home. You’re a legend in my book.

Zelly- We didn’t get along. We still PROBABLY don’t. Even through all of that, you’re very persistent and you advocate for yourself. Keep up with that, it will become valuable to you and you’ll be glad that YOU are YOU.

Kailey- You’re a clown. Canada is a really cool country, and I should definitely go sometime. I admit it.

Pookie437- Dude, you are THE MAN! Being friends WITH you has totally changed who I am and made me appreciate the humor in every situation. If it’s anything to talk about, there’s a joke by THE boys about it. Maybe things didn’t go as we would always PLAN, but I think you turned out fine regardless. Thanks for always having my back and showing support, and your future is very bright. 

Bscharbach2, Mikemate- Some pretty cool friends of mine! Both of you have chaotic energy, and it definitely makes for some fun conversations and memories.

King Mondo- I asked you to co-lead with me and you declined. I will never let you live that down. You have done some super incredible and very meticulous work for ACP! It needed to be done, and you stepped up to the plate. You define what makes a Legend.

2funky3- Super dependable dude. We never talked much, but you definitely have your head straight.

Cubby, Robot, Orange- General Squaaaad! You defined and set a lot of the energy ACP has now. Great work on creating a culture so many troops are comfortable with!

Realoliver9912- You taught me the importance of GREAT chat moderation.

Emcee- I remember finding you in RPF. We have spoken about this multiple times, but you pushed me to work harder. I was complacent sitting on the low end ranks as a chat troll, but you pushed me to want to beat you. I wanted to rise through the ranks, and make it to the top with you.  We brought the best out of eachother, and I was glad to see you join ACP. Thanks for your dedication!

Turnage and Jubilee- Yesssirrrr

ACP Moderators-
 Make sure you hit those recruiting minimums! You are the future Generals of ACP.

Thank you, Army of Club Penguin, for letting me be a part of your rich history and legacy. I’d like to now commemorate a few of my notable achievements in the army community: 

2019 CPA Legend

RPF Troop of the Week #82

Beat Mchappy pretty bad in Mancala once.

ACPTR’s 48th Director

ACP’s 47th Leader

Winners of the Holiday Championship Tournament of 2019.

ACP Legend.
I have had the time of my life in ACP, and I have had the time of my life with all of you. To any troop reading this: Keep pushing. Your wildest dreams ARE possible. With a little effort, a little love, and a lot of dedication, you can do anything you set your mind to…. even if it is leading a group of virtual penguins.

For one last time, Koloway Saves The Day.
We March On, Forever.
.. and remember. If you ever need me: don’t.

[AUSIA] Shamrock sQUACKdown – Results!

For today’s event, we logged onto Blizzard with our rubber duck outfits, and we literally QUACKED everyone out there. We maxed 52 with great tactics, formations, and had lots of fun. Make sure to react in #event-chat to confirm your attendance, and comment on this post if you came!

Max: 52

We rise from this, quack.

ACP Major General