Official Departure from the New Dawn Alliance

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The Army of Club Penguin is officially withdrawing from the current iteration of the New Dawn Alliance spearheaded by the Doritos of Club Penguin.

On 15th of July, the Ice Warriors, the Dark Warriors, and the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Doritos of Club Penguin. When we initially agreed to becoming part of the New Dawn Alliance, one of the things ACP were adamant about was that the reason for war had to be justified. In light of the recent evidence, as well as the pattern of behavior displayed by the Doritos of Club Penguin, even to their so-called “allies”, the Army of Club Penguin, we feel that it is necessary for us to remove ourselves from the NDA. Read more for reasons (viewer discretion is advised).

Part I – Racism, Sexism, Doxxing, and Inappropriate Content

On June 15th, 2020, a Youtube video labelled “The Sick Truth about the Doritos of Club Penguin” was published on Youtube, outlining the constant use of racist, derogatory terms. (Note: Content is 18+ – watch at your own discretion).

Whilst the above was from a private GC, under no circumstance should the hard r, n-word be thrown around, considering the long history of racism and slavery. Even if we concede that the other content was banter – it quickly becomes blatantly obvious that this is a pattern of toxicity that the Army of Club Penguin cannot condone.

However, that being said, the ACP understands what it feels like to have private chats taken out of context. Again, we believe that under no circumstance should the hard-r, n-word ever be used – but we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, as banter in their personal HCom chat.

The sexism though, seems to spill over in their interactions with other armies – the RPF recently brought to light evidence in which ex-DCP leader, Wassim, made extremely sexist remarks to Crazzy:

In addition to sexist remarks against the Dark Warriors, with whom the ACP have grown to become friends with over the past few months:

Not to mention the other evidence presented by the Ice Warriors, in regards to troop stealing.
And….. Pookie, we fixed our muted role 😉

The above illustrates not just isolated cases, but a pattern of behavior displayed by the Doritos of Club Penguin. However, the ACP knows what it’s like to be hated and targeted – whilst there is no way we can condone this behavior, we also struggle to be able to turn our backs on our friends at their greatest time of need.

But we then move on to part II – have the Doritos ever considered the Army of Club Penguin as friends?

Part II – Against ACP

The following evidence is what we have gathered over the course of several months. The Doritos, albeit donning a facade of friendship with the Army of Club Penguin, seem to bear some sort of inner hatred towards us, going as far as publicly trash talking us, getting ready to declare war against us, and troop stealing.

A. The Double Agent

In March-April of 2020, Meerkat and Brad joined the Army of Club Penguin, quickly rising up to positions in the higher command. However, in mid March, Meer fell inactive, telling me that he had real life situations to deal with.

(Deleted user = Meer)

However, from the video “The Sick Truth about the Doritos of Club Penguin”, we can see that Meer was simultaneously working with DCP, as an extremely active member of their hcom GC.

To me, all this looks like is that ACP was being taken advantage of – our kindness used as a weakness, so that Meer could remain in ACP staff whilst working full time in the Doritos.

It quickly became evident what was happening when Meer suddenly returned to the community again, spearheading the DCP exodus to CPR on April 16th:

Meer – we welcomed you in like a brother – you fed us stories about stuff you were going through for us to find out you were inactive not for IRL, but to serve DCP. I have no qualms with the army you chose to pursue – but instead of telling us you needed time, etc. to deal with IRL, you could have just told us you were looking to return to your home army. What sucks isn’t you leaving – but the fact that I had to hear from others, to figure out that you were leaving.

B. Anti-ACP 

Lets first talk about Pain, ex-DCP advisor. All of these screenshots were taken from the DCP main chat – it shocks me that so much trash talking can occur in a public place.

Whilst Pain is no longer an advisor for DCP, the fact that so much anti-ACP sentiments is being paraded in the main chat, and others are egging him on about it is quite simply appalling.

We all know it’s Pain’s thing to hate on ACP – but what about the other troops?

What about you, Meerkat? It’s funny to use a PFP of a Nacho making ACP suck its ****?

Finally, let’s talk about Dino, DCP 2ic, who made this graphic of the Doritos (and some other penguins) “steamrolling” and ACP penguin, then using it as his avatar.

And what about this war you wanted against the Army of Club Penguin, when we’ve literally been nothing but friends to you?

C. Troop Stealing

Below is a screenshot of Meerkat attempting to recruit Aeropos into DCP after he “stepped down” to Supervisor:

The fact that a DCP leader is going around talking to ACP troops, telling them to join DCP if they’re stressed out given DCP’s rather insane requirements is hilarious to me:

Extract from IW’s declaration of war

We were also told Oddone was approached similarly to join DCP. Whilst I cannot fully fault the Doritos in this situation, as they were under the impression that both had retired – given that Aero pretty much never spends his time in any other army chat other than the ACP, it does raise concerns as to why the Doritos are so active in the ACP chat – perhaps to take the opportunity, when it arises, to recruit retired ACP?

Again, the ACP dismissed this and moved on afterwards as we decided to give them the benefit of the doubt again – that they truly thought the 2 retired. But recently, we were once again approached with another troop stealing situation – this time, much more severe:

We looked the other way, dismissing your attempts to recruit Aero as you not knowing he was still serving ACP as a supervisor. But Sarahah is an active current ACP moderator – when multiple members of staff urge her to join – that is hard to forget.

III. Concluding Remarks

The Army of Club Penguin understands what it’s like to have the community coming after us, for some things that were never intended for the public eye. What we don’t understand though, is being blatantly sexist to other army leaders just because they are females – parading trash talking images and pictures against your allies publicly, and borderline harassing an ally’s current moderator to joining the army. We want to stand with our brothers, especially in their time of need – but all of this accumulated evidence makes it hard for us to want to defend the Doritos, especially considering the IW, DW and RPF’s respective declarations. It’s one thing to help a friend who might have made some mistakes – it’s something else completely, to come to a “friend’s” support, when they’ve repeatedly tried to escalate tensions; when they’ve lied to your face about their intentions, when they publicly post anti-ACP propaganda; when they try to steal your troops.

As respect for our previous alliance, the Army of Club Penguin, despite the overwhelming evidence, will currently not be declaring war on the Doritos. Troop stealing in itself would be enough for a declaration – but I hope you believe us when we say, I’m truly sympathetic to what you’re going through, even if you’ve made mistakes in the past. However, considering everything, it’s extremely hard for us to justify coming to your aid as part of the NDA – and I hope the Doritos understand the best we can do right now, is to remain neutral.


CSY, ACP Leader
Max, ACP UK Leader

Funky, ACP US Leader
Zelly, ACP 2ic

Cubster, ACP 3ic
Robot, ACP 3ic
Koloway, ACP 3ic
Kailey, ACP 3ic
Mchappy, ACP Acting PoG