[UK/US] Beach Party – Results!

Hey there ACP, in this amaaaazing event, we went partying on the Iceberg, Beach, and Cove (after a small race). Great event.

Max: 49

Room 1

Room 2

Room 3
Be sure to react in #event-chat and comment if you attended!

CPR Guide – Pin Location

This will be a quick guide regarding the new pin on Club Penguin Rewritten, 
keep on reading in order to find out the location.

Now if you go to the Cove, checking the left side of your screen, you’ll able to find the Beach Ball pin hanging from a palm tree:

That’s it, congratulations on finding the new pin!

ACP Lieutenant General

[US] Hollow’s Birthday Party – Results

Today we logged onto Marshmellow (CPR) to celebrate Hollow’s birthday! We were all dressed in purple, RIP chaos. It was great to see lots of people dancing the night away! We maxed 43!

Signed by Sparkz
Brigadier general