[UK] Orchestra Takeover – Results!

Hey, ACP! Today we logged onto CPR for our UK orchestra takeover! We maxed 34 penguins! We started off in the Town, then led our orchestra to the Dock, where we introduced ourselves. We then took the stage at the Lighthouse, then had our finale in the Casa Fiesta! Thank you to everyone for coming, and thank you to Yeti for leading with me! Comment below if you attended!!
Max: 34+

Signing off, Shebyr
ACP Brigadier General

[AUSIA] Boombox Event – Results!

How’s it hanging ACP? Today, we celebrated the music party by breaking out our boomboxes and partied in style. We started off in the snow forts where we picked up speed and danced out hearts out. We maxed a total of 47! We then went into the dance club where we started from the bottom and worked our way up to check out the music party VIP lounge.Thank you all for coming and thank you to Yasmini, CheerfulPanda, Pinky 0112, Mchappy, Csy, Doinky, and Nai for the pictures. Also, shout out to¬†Sanya for leading one on fleek tactic! This was a great event for our Ausia division. You all should be proud. Comment below, if you attended and had fun!

Signing off,
Field general