Today was an epic day of magnitude, of something not unraveled since the closing of a generation way back in the year of our Lord, twenty of seventeen…
We logged onto one of, actually, the most customized CPPS for the CPA army community..
We went through training, battles, wars… and have grown as an army to
 defend freedom and to preserve justice…
We’ve gone through bumps and smooth paved roads, ups and downs…
Through thick and thin, we traversed into one of the most ambitious Army of Club Penguin generations in our 13 year history…

and this was molded from a server that was set up for the greatness in CPA’s new generation..
However… the evil’s of the big cooperation Disney TM    took a hold of this place

Yes, they took a hold of Super’s great toaster of a server, our great toaster of a server…
where we all gathered for the reminiscent of bringing back the fun that was made in the old generation of Club Penguin 

and those evil lawyers desecrated the community…
a community of fun, but drama..
the community of hate, but with love..
where old and new continued the passion of this hobby…
 on an online mmo flash game from the mid 00’s…

Of course, this is not the end of all of us, especially for the OG green army that started it all…
we are just getting started…

The continuation of this new age of CPA warfare…
we maxed 40 at this epic event, something for generations to look back on…

ofc we win
We, the Army of Club Penguin logged onto some server, i forgot..
We traversed these wastelands and fought the rude awakening of jealousy and bitterness..
how bittersweet is was to feel the majestic memories of old school warfare..

This was a tough battle, from every angle and every army that showed up

I lost a tooth, some chest hairs from the singing burns at the forts..
Many penguins were missing in action… never to be found again
A lot of our soldiers were wounded and picked up from the battlegrounds yelling
comforting these wonderful souls, we traversed the lands of CPATG and took on the copycats that want to be a reflection of ourselves..
I had to rip limbs off a Dark Warrior…
shown the horrors of OG warfare once again..

Many were hit with snowballs, cracked like an egg, opened up the melancholy in ourselves..

I saw a penguin who tried to eat a snowball, that was terrifying..

anyways thanks super for CPATG, it was a fun ride, the new generation of ACP grew so much out of the fun and drama we had on it. You will be remembered! Adios, chow. 
Thanks for CPATG!
Go forth, heal the wounds of those soldiers, your online peers, who are needed in the battlefield the most, in life where we are at times, nervous to stumble into.
 Let reality be your destiny, to show the falsehoods fantasy can have on one’s life at times, achieve and succeed. 
For dreams are just dreams, blueprints to goals in which are the finish lines, and there’s a lot of them ’till the end. until then, don’t be stranger. 
we have game nights, fun events, chat, hang with us, were cool, and we are all getting through life as it is, both old and new, helping each other out, that is why ACP has been stable, continuing to be the role model of the CPA community until the days of when..

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  2. Disney is bad


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  5. Rip CPATG :salute:

  6. WWWWWWWWWHY disney not fun rip CPATG

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