[LEGENDS CUP] ACP vs IW – Results

Hey ACP!

We logged onto CPATG to fight against the Ice Warriors today as part of CPAM’s Legends Cup. We fought valiantly and hard, reaching a new record max of 80+ troops online for our new generation!

Although we didn’t bring home the win this time, we had amazing tactics and formations throughout. Despite the lag, we formed one of the fastest double Vs ever. Good job every ACP troop – we gave it our all, we maxed the most in this generation. We’ve made history here – every single troop that attended made history.
One of the mottos from new ACP – We rise from this. We keep striving to become better, taking each challenge by the head and doing better. We keep innovating, working, grinding. We lost due to a size disadvantage – but that’s okay. We’ll do better, next time.
We rise from this.
ACP Leader

6 Responses

  1. Very proud to have been apart of this historic event!

  2. Great battle. We lost, but we made history!

  3. gg acp, sorry you had 80 trrops but the Ix=ce warriors at 100+From,Kyle Gamer TV and the Ice warriors. Stay Safe! 😀

  4. Good job everyone! From here, the only way is up 🙂 – P

  5. wow atleast we tried

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