Legends Cup Battle Training – Results!

Hey there ACP it’s Chicken back with another post, today we logged on to Breeze – CPA:TG to train for our upcoming battle on Sunday (check #legends-cup if you haven’t already). We maxed 41!

Thank you to all of those who attended, make sure to react in #event-chat if you made it, and comment on this post :).

Club Penguin Rewritten: Music Jam 2020 [Guide!]

Hello ACP!
This is your favorite boomer SANYA! here to tell you about ACP’s new guide!
This is a quick guide to the NEW MUSIC JAM! So… without further ado LETS JUMP RIGHT INTO IT!

The first thing to note is that in Town you can find the daily items on the top right of the screen
Room: Town
The 2 free items are The Bubble Gum and The Sunset Flower Background
Also you’ll need an ALL ACCESS PASS to access The Music Maker Room 3000 and The Backstage to do so look at the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER 
These are the items that are for sale in the book to get the all access pass flip to the next page
(Ps you don’t have to wear the all access pass to access the music maker room 3000 and the backstage, all you need to do is buy it)
When you buy the all access pass make your way to the MUSIC MAKER ROOM 3000 to claim the boombox!
its located on the top of the nightclub!
So after you claimed the boombox, head to docks
This is where you’ll find the Backstage!

Click on DJ Maxx To Claim his background!

I Recruited DJMaxx to ACP Btw 
Please head to the backstage as indicated by the box
Now inside the backstage there’s instruments 4 sale
Please click on the M to reveal… A SECRET 😯
A Drumsticks and a Blue Snare Drum
And that is it for… SANYA’S MUSIC JAM GUIDE!
the elephant goes moo!
Make sure to join the ACP discord for more guides,tips, and mascot tracking
Thank you so much for reading my post!
ACP Brigadier General