Instrument Scavenger Hunt and Pin location [GUIDE]

Hello ACP! 
This is a quick guide to completing the Instrument Scavenger Hunt and finding this month’s pin! Let’s jump right into it!
Instrument #1: The Keytar

The Keytar can be found at the Lighthouse inside the bottle with the construction vehicle!

While you’re in here, make sure to grab the pin by the microphone stand!

Instrument #2: The Harp

The harp is found in the Pet Shop on the right behind some boxes of Puffle O’s! If you’re having trouble finding it, look for the Puffle Launch icon!
Instrument #3: The Drums
The drums can be found in The Forest behind the big tree in the very back! 

Instrument #4: The Drumsticks 
The drumsticks can be found in the Boom Room in the plant behind the chair on the left!
Instrument #5: The Trumpet
The final instrument! The trumpet can be found behind some boxes by the rocking horse in the Ski Lodge Attic!

And that’s everything! Here’s the neat background you can get as a prize!

Make sure to join the ACP Discord server for more guides, tips, and mascot tracking!

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  1. Ty for this guide :EH:


  3. Aw thanks guys ❤

  4. This guide was very helpful! Many thanks Kailey!! – P

  5. Thanks for the guide Kailey ❤

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