UK/Disney Takeover!

Hiya ACP!!  We had a Disney takeover party on Mammoth today! Well all did well and I hope you all had fun! We maxed 42 today!  We started at the dojo and then had a fun party at the snow forts and stadium and finished up by playing another fun round of Max says again . Please comment if you attended!

Lieutenant General

[AUSIA] Lobster Takeover Results!

Howdy ACP!
Today we logged on Club Penguin Rewritten and took over the island with our lobster costumes! We had lots of fun waddling and visiting rooms. It wouldn’t be a Cubster post if i don’t remind yall to react in #event-chat if you came, and #events if you can come to our next event. 🙂

Max: 45

That’s all folks!
ACP General