[CEASEFIRE] Crimsons Guardians Nation Successfully Protected Against Templars

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.
On the 25th of May, our allies the Crimson Guardians came to the Army of Club Penguin for help. The Templars, known for declaring war to bully smaller armies for no reason other than to expand their territory, recently decided the Crimson Guardians would be their next picking. Hearing that the Crimson Guardians might not even be able to defend due to the scheduled times, we agreed to holding onto their land to defend.
On 27th of May, the Army of Club Penguin logged onto Thermal to defend it against the Templars in invasion, where we successfully defended it from them with a 3-0 victory.
Later on that day, the Templars approached us, wanting to cancel the invasion and to end further conflict with the ACP. As we had no qualms with the Templars themselves and were only here to protect our allies, we agreed, under the condition of a peace treaty between Templars and CG.
We have successfully protected our allies. Thermal and Frosty have been returned to the Crimson Guardians.
Thank you everyone who helped us in our ardor to:
ACP Leader

[UK] Pre-Legends Cup Practise Battle VS. Dark Warriors – VICTORY!

Hey ACP!

We logged on to face off against the Dark Warriors in a Practice Battle today as part of our pre-Legends Cup efforts. It was a hard battle, but ACP perservered, and we ended up taking home the victory! We maxed 44.

Room 1: Berg
Room 2: Stadium
Room 3: Hidden Lake
Good job on taking home the win today, ACP! The Legends Cup will be much tougher – we need to further improve and perfect our tactics to take home the win. This is just the beginning – get ready for a hell of a ride, ACP.
We rise from this.
ACP Leader