US PB against Templars

Today, we logged on against Templars for a practice battle but only saw four Templars logged on. We started in Stadium and made our way to the Snow Forts and Ice Berg. Meanwhile, Templars were hiding away in an igloo and kept moving rooms because they were too scared to battle us. We also played two games of “Max says” and had a ton of fun! We maxed a total of 47+. I am very proud of how quick you all were with tactics, formations, and bombs. Good Job ACP. Here’s a reminder we have an AUSIA practice battle with the Elites at 2pm UK/ 1pm GMT/9am EST/ 8am CST/ 7am MST/ 6am PST/ 6:30pm IST/ 10pm JST/ and 11pm AEST.

Signing off,
Lieutenant General

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