[VICTORY] The War with Coup Crusaders is OVER!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin.

The war with Coup Crusaders is officially over.

The war initially began due to the mounting evidence of troop stealing and allegations of ACP rigging CPAM’s S/M Army tournament by the Coup Crusaders. Despite us attempting to resolve things peacefully, the Coup Crusaders, after the Army of Club Penguin forgave them, mass banned all of us again.
The Coup Crusaders have, since then, taken further action by removing the relevant people and making a sincere, public apology to the ACP. We agreed to continue on with the war.
Apology from CC to ACP
However, considering that CC has made efforts to build from their past mistakes, and our friendships with the remaining members of CC, me and Olimad sat down and agreed to end the war with the following terms: 

From the war, ACP has gained control over Slushy and Bunny Hill as territory. However, as part of our independence from the league, we will be releasing these servers.
Final War Score: 3-0
March on!
ACP Leader