[UK/US] PB vs. Water Vikings – Victory!

Hey ACP!

We logged onto Frostbite today, to face off the Golden Guardians Water Vikings in a Practise Battle. Welcome back Water Vikings to the community – it’s truly our pleasure to be able to face off this historic army in their return event! We maxed 58. Thank you everyone who attended – this was an amazing battle with some of the best tactics we’ve seen yet. Shout-out to Max for helping lead, Zelly and Funky for assisting in VC, and our new mods Yeti and Sky who stepped up to help assist the battle!

First Room: Berg
Second Room: Stadium

Third Room: Forts

and finally, with a 3-0 victory…
ACP Leader

[Spec Ops] Operation Referee – Results!



Hey ACP! Today we had a mod led Spec Ops on Marshmallow where we dressed up as referees in the Stadium and went to the Town and finished off with the Forts. It was an amazing event, thank you everyone for coming!
Max: 40

                                                      Thank you everyone for the pictures!

ACP Brigadier General

[US] Mod lead event – Results!

Today, ACP held our second mod lead for our US event. We took on the theme of hiking! We enjoyed the sweet scent of nature while having to be stuck inside. We also had a party afterwards at Csysmell’s iggy! We maxed a total of 45 tonight! I hope you all enjoyed the event. Also remember that there’s a huge PB tomorrow with the Golden Guardians everyone be sure to be there!! Its on Club Penguin Army The Game so be sure to make an account beforehand! Comment below if you attended!!

  • Skyfull [ACP Lieutenant General]