[UK/US] Hoodie Only Takeover Results!

Hello ACP!

Today our UK and US divisions logged on for an exciting Hoodie Only Takeover! We paraded the Town, Snow Forts and Ice Berg on server Marshmallow. We maxed 67 and had fantastic tactics! Amazing work – 3 clovers if you came!

March On! ~Max
European Division Leader/Field Marshal

[US] PB vs Chaos – Victory!

Hey ACP,

Today we logged onto CPR to face our brother allies off in a PB! We fought together on the battlefield against RPF, then we faced off for a friendly practise battle. We maxed 42, winning the match with a score of 3-0 and sending Chaos lots of postcards! Get mining Sanya, we need coins for events now.

Good job ACP!

ACP Leader