[UK] Operation: All Gold Everything Results!

Whats poppin ACP?
Today the Light Troops, i mean Army of Club Penguin logged on to CPR and threw a massive g o l d p a r t y! Everyone looked fancy and shiny, kinda hurt my eyes a lil but it was worth coming to! Don’t forget to DM @Kailey#4053 for clovers and react in #events if you can come to next event. 🙂

Max: 47

That is all, folks. Comment if you came!

ACP General / Third In Command

[AUSIA] A Choir P Conductor Takeover Results!

Whats poppin ACP?
Today we logged on CPR with our conductor outfits and took over the island!
Max: 27

Also, don’t forget to STREAM SAY SO REMIX!!!

ACP General / Third in Command

Welcome Class of May 2020!

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

If you were unaware, the Army of Club Penguin Training Regiment has inducted its new group of cadets into the Class of May 2020 by way of an Opening Ceremony. Throughout their journey this month, these cadets will learn how to make quick, sold formations, tested on tactics and knowledge of ACP, and also encounter some of their first battles.

Are you unsure what ACPTR is? Well, it is a four week program with cadets graduating and joining at the beginning of every month. There is special curriculum which will be taught in private classes. Attendance to these events will gain the cadets special Badges which will reflect their graduation status and can be exchanged after graduation for promotions!

Max: 24

Big thank you to all the cadets for showing up and to Max for leading the way.
Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian