Congratulations are in order…

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin

As you all should know by now, ACP was just involved in its first World War since its recreation. We have not been involved in a war like this in many, many years. Unfortunately, wars like this start usually due to bias or some form of malice. Long since the Army of Club Penguin has been around have there been people within other armies who hold anti-ACP prejudice for absolutely no reason. We have always been the army that receives the most criticism, and the army that always holds true to its morals. These are expectations set in place due to us being the very first army ever officially created.

During these times, a key few stand out as they lead the Army of Club Penguin to victory after victory. They stand for what is right in this community and are truly leaders to look up to. I’m honored to have passed on the baton to the current team of Higher Commander who have brought ACP to absolute new heights. I would like to bestow the Bronze Medal Award to two of these officers.

Csy – Being the Leader during the time of World War Rewritten, and being able to bring not only excitement but peace to the army community
Max – Stepping up during World War Rewritten to lead the Army of Club Penguin on a perfect war score record

Of course, there will be room for many more of you to achieve this high honor as well.

I’m very sorry that you all had to experience firsthand the wrath of anti-ACP sentiment in this new generation of armies. As I said, this is the first time since our reformation that something this incredibly biased in anti-ACP ideals has happened. Now you see why I’m an adamant believer in the Army of Club Penguin maintaining its honor and dignity by distancing itself from a community of people who are not sincere in their words. As we move forward from our victories, I’d like for you all to remember that there is still a mission to accomplish. We can always be improving. Let’s take this time to really hone in on showing everyone else why the Army of Club Penguin is such a fun community to be apart of.

Keep those snowballs coming,
ACP Guardian


Hey! whats going on troops of ACP, this is Aeropos coming to you live from another spec ops event! We got into mining outfits and broke our backs for coins, because alot of our troops dont have any 😮 We decided to also spread joy for those who are still in PST for “cinco de mayo” :wary: . We went to the cave mines and got everyone coins because thats how we roll! We maxed 42 as well! comment if you made it and make sure to dm hello kailey for clovers if you attended! Till next time! Keep up to date with events and news on our discord! PEACE!

[US] Rock and Rolloway! [RESULTS]

Hey, ACP! Today we logged onto Marshmallow, CPR in the greatest Elvis Presley costumes.. ever. I had such an amazing time with everyone, and I think you guys felt the same way! If you’re reading this post, comment “ACP CLOVERS ALL OVER” for a special shout-out! We ended up with…

MAX: 42!

ACP Legend & Field General