[UK] End of WAR/Independence Party! [RESULTS]

Hey, ACP! Today we logged on to our historic capital server, Mammoth, to celebrate our recently announced independence! We spent time in Mr. Max’s igloo, partying the night away. Now that war is over, and ACP is finally on their own time, where will we end up next? Only time will tell, and we hope you’re there with us to write the next chapter in our story. 

Max: 37

ACP Legend & Field General

[MAY 2020] ACP Uniform Guide!

[APRIL 2020] Troop of the Month

Hey ACP,

Welcome back to our 3rd TOTM since ACP re-inaugurated on CPR! With the hectic war schedules these last couple of days, this TOTM really took into account troop event activity. Without further ado, lets announce the TOTM for April 2020

What qualifies for TOTM? 
– Activity in ACP chat
– Activity in attending events 
– Involved in the ACP community 
– Has taken initiative in certain areas

This month, Henry_VI has been chosen as the TOTM for her activity in attending events (attending a whopping total of 61 events this month!), and the enthusiasm she always brings to our chat and events. She’s also put additional effort into recruiting, working hard to make all new troops feel welcomed. Henry actively participates in all our games and gives amazing suggestions at how to make ACP better!

Here’s an interview for everyone to get to know Henry_VI better!
Interview with Henry_VI

CSY: Hi Henry, can you quickly introduce yourself to the troops of ACP?
Henry_VI: Hey y’all! I’m Henry_VI, the patriotic Canadian! XD
CSY: How did you find out about the ACP? How long have you been here? Any previous experience with armies?
Henry_VI: I found out about the ACP when my friend sent me an invite link and said “pls join.” I joined ACP in December 2019, but I didn’t really do anything until February. ACP is my first army!
CSY: Why do you think you were voted Troop of the Month?
Henry_VI: I guess I was voted TOTM because I’m active in chat. I also joined ACPRF to help others join greatness and have fuN!

CSY: What do you enjoy most about CPR? What do you enjoy most about armies?

Henry_VI: I love all the minigames in CPR and the fact that you can get stamps for playing it! About armies, I really like how they all have their differences that set them apart, but they’re all the same in a way.

CSY: What is your favorite memory in the ACP?
Henry_VI: I love and cherish every single memory in the ACP, but if you ask me to choose just one, I’d have to say my favourite memory is when I mistook a cat for a bunny and Paddy made a meme about it. It’s pinned in #voice-chat-transcript if you want to see it. 😀
CSY: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Henry_VI: In my free time, I like being on Discord, playing CPR, reading, and trying to draw. I really can’t draw. Also, I like to chat with my friends online since the pandemic won’t let us talk in person
CSY: What’s a secret that no one knows about you yet?
Henry_VI: I guess a secret worth telling would be that I’m an academic nerd. A really big one.

CSY: Is CSY better at skribbl.io than Cherry?

Henry_VI: CSY LMFAO IDFK… I’ve never seen you play skribbl, so I have to say no, Cherry’s better than CSY at skribbl.io.

(Interviewer’s response: :E9:)

CSY: Anything you want to say to the people of ACP?

ACP Leader

สรุปรายสัปดาห์ ACP April/May 26th to 2nd!!!!!!


Wow! This week was so chock full of intense battles, drama, etc. Just at the end it starts to settle down as we enter the groovy stage of building the Army of Club Penguin! We fought in a world war, which overall cpa size was huge! With all the confusion and hatred towards eachother past months, its finally time for all of us to grow and mature as troops! lets wind down, relax, and put our feet up for this recap.
Shoutouts to Purple Slime4 for starting this way back >< , Koloway for the graphics!, staff/hcom You guys really keep this army moving forward even with bumps we are still on the road! , troops for being awesome and making ACP happen!                ONTO THE RECAP!!!!!!!!!!!

k onto the recap!!!!
Sunday 26th of April
[UK/US] Star Wars Takeover Event
Size: 35
Tactic rating: 8.5/10
Monday 27th of April
Tuesday 28th of April
[AUSIA] Defense of Mammoth – VICTORY!
Size: 45
Tactic: 9/10
[US] Defense of Mammoth – Success!
Size: 57
Tactic rating: 9/10
Wednesday 29th of April
[UK/US] World War Rewritten Invasion of Tuxedo: VICTORY!
Size: 60
Tactic rating: 8/10
Thursday 30th of April
[AUSIA] Invasion of Deep Freeze {VICTORY}
Size: 35
Tactic rating: 8/10
Friday 1st of May
[UK] Defense of Alpine {VICTORY}
Size: 34
Tactic rating: 8/10
Saturday 2nd of May
UK + US Force

Current average size: 62+ =

Performance rating: 8.3/10 =


Current average size: 40+ =

Performance rating: 8.5/10 ^

Overall performance: 16.8/20!

ACP is growing and staying strong! With this independance, we will keep building ACP and keep its legacy alive! Thanks to the troops who attend these events and as well as staff/hcom for really stepping it up! 😀

*The rating is calculated with last week’s
We had 6 successful events this week!!

 We had 2 AUSIA events, 1 UK events, 1 US events, and 2 UK/US events

The highest sizes we’ve reached this week were up to 60 during the [UK/US] World War Rewritten Invasion of Tuxedo: VICTORY!

  16 posts were posted throughout the week! 😮

AUSIA surprisingly are first this week! with an average score of 8.5/10 for the tactic rating and  UK+US‘s trailing with a tactic rating of 8.3/10.

So basically this is the whatever place, this post is almost done so here I dump random websites(safe of course), videos, games, pics, etc. Have any ideas for the recap or wanna add something in this section? Let me know! Im always up to hear new ideas and input!

congrats chicken!

and we also had Hunger Games all of today so the winners roughly were….

Talk about randomization 😮
^ it was scripted i bet ._.
^ Koloway knows where this is from :3
how did this happen?
K stay tuned on the ACP site and Discord for updates on games/events/fun! Don’t be a stranger and chat w us! Also leave a comment and share this w your fellow troops! im out!