IMPORTANT: Declaration of Independence

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin, and the entire CPR community.

The Army of Club Penguin is officially declaring independence, effective immediately. 

World War Rewritten is over. A ceasefire now exists between the Army of Club Penguin and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Help Force and PIC have agreed to end the war.

It’s time for us to focus on ourselves, and enjoy the amazing community we have built over the past seven months. As of May 2nd, 2020, ACP officially declares independence. This means we will not be engaging in any conflict regarding the community, we will not further engage in conflicts regarding territory, and will remain neutral in all army affairs whilst working internally.

ACP will from now on run by itself, and only acknowledge our own territory. This includes Mammoth (CPR and CPATG) and Breeze (CPR).

The Higher Command

[April 2020] Promotions!

Bolded = Promoted
Italicized = Demoted

Army of Club Penguin

Red= USA/CA |Blue = UK/EUR |Green = Oceanic/AUSIA

Commander in Chief

 Field Marshal
Max, 2funky3

ZellyKailey, Brad, Robot, Cubster
Field General

Lieutenant General
Aeropos, Blazer, Lenco

Major General
ZoomXT, Bscharbach2SarahOddone, 69chekochekdar, Zoomey

Brigadier General

 Marquis, Mochii, Nick, Litt7, Sirplus, Mike, Lord Flash, Moki

Ming, Skipper

SilentSniper, Spinister

Cherry Cherry, Henry, Jeser, Maki Diezl, Furry Kailey, Aceshigh, Lucia

 Uhh, Stef, Thedesiindian, Felix Raycher, Death

First Lieutenant
Kimi, DIO, ArctiblaineFlippy

Second Lieutenant
GFXManiacs, Sharkbate, Jay

 Sergeant Major
 Bug, StrangeTRY, FatChicken
Warrant Officer
Shebyr, Derek, UTuber
Master Sergeant
Spyman, Yyeellooww7, NotASeat, Aliciaa, Simple egg 
Staff Sergeant

LaBeerCratePowerprimate, RedFireFreakUpcoming Mage, Reddo, Mikey, Laboss, Joanne, PaddyV, 

  DogfightLuluLove, Ketchup-Kun, JJ (Cheesecake)APPLE6683, FatChicken, Addy

Gianna,  NoobCola, Toasty, Taylor, Wyperr, BigBorax, Coolhandsully

AyeTheBlueBall, Cedrik_Boi, Cygral, Dasiy, Double06, Disneyland, Enguinpay2.0, FogHorn, Gravitea, Icey, Josh Laurn, Kaismashuniverse, Tucker, Lily250, Mahaer, Marie, Master Kyl, Midori, mow, Mikhil, PinkDino, Sanya, Sir.Mario, vader, Yetico
Lance Corporal
Edible Glue, Alien, ArCheron, BakedEggs, Bill Sans, Bluescout, Bovely, BRe Melon, Carl, ChairFuzz, Chubbymonster, Cus cus, Dooferberry, Double, Electrified, Epic Games Employee, Faiqa, FitnessIsNotMyPassion, FiveNights, FROST_Hyper, GenBEar, Gibberish, Gumble Dor, Heckler, Hfsm, Itsmemarri, Jack O latern, Jazmin,, Jinjonjal, Jennybeth, JoeUnderdog, Jongles, JoshepPeter, Kodachi, Karma, Kohaku, Lapis, Lil Peanut, LillyTheLoner, LittleGuavz, MagmaMixer, Mogull, Mow, Mr BeesGy, Mr Beebo, MrBearCuddles, Naddel, Naty, NEwton, Nixion pw, Noah8s, Olimad3  Pablito44, Pan dorado, Potato202, Paulie, Penguinator, Proski, Pudi, R2 Bee2, Randomguy01, Rat, Sam Trickshot, Scamper, Spartan, SquidGhost, Sr. Mario, Taya, Thomas, Tidal, Tobuccop, Tucker, VolkingDeath, Vzy, Wes World, Whoareyou, Wuperr, Xande, Yellowcookie7, Zayita

This will be your rank when you first join the army! To rank up to Lance Corporal, simply attend your first event!

King Mondo, Mchappy

Kailey, Slider

ACP Panel of Guardians
Mchappy*, Shaboomboom, Flipmoo, Boomer20
* denotes current acting Guardian

Ceasefire between ACP and RPF

Addressed to the Army of Club Penguin
The war with the Rebel Penguin Federation is officially over. This has been an extremely interesting war for both sides, but it’s time ACP really worked on ourselves, like we intended to after the tournament.
ACP will once again be focusing on ourselves. The purpose of this community is for a place for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Amid the coronavirus outbreak globally, we don’t want people to be stressed in real life, and be stressed online. We made mistakes, but now it’s time to correct them and rebuild our community.

Thank you for all soldiers that came out to support ACP in the time of war.

We rise from this.
ACP Leader