Response to RPF’s Declaration of War

Addressed to Rebel Penguin Federation and CPR community.

Earlier today the Rebel Penguin Federation declared war on the Army of Club Penguin. They stated their sole reason for doing so was because of the leaked staff chats several days ago. I will address everything here, to show the community that the declared reasons were completely unwarranted, and RPF declared war simply, to pick on a smaller army.

CP Army Media Bias
In their post, the RPF first discuss the leaked screenshots that address a “CPAM Bias”. As addressed in my previous response post, I was part of setting up CPAM, and helped in any way I could to get it off its feet. The “allegation” that a staff member is part of the CPAM staff team with an “explicit plan to take down [RPF]” is exaggerated at best – and is indeed completely false. Earthing was NOT a member of CPAM staff. He also left as soon as the chats were leaked. (Post). Unless I’m missing something, there is no evidence suggesting ACP/CPAM corruption, other than some random trash-talking.

In fact, the following picture shows that Ayan, CPAM CEO, has no issue with any of the leaked images regarding CPAM. 

If CPAM’s CEO has no issue with it, then why do RPF? Why are you fighting a battle on behalf of CPAM – that CPAM themselves don’t acknowledge exists?

Public statement made by Ayan about how CPAM and ACP relations are still strong after this incident.

From the above – The claim that ACP has a “plan” or whatever against CPAM is complete and utter, bollocks. Let’s move on to the 2nd point, to see if they have better substantiations for the war.

RPF stated 2 things that they took issue with in terms of “Trash-talking”:

Part 1: Personal attacks against HCom

Let us dissect the leaked screenshots one by one.

a) The first is former RPF and retired ACP leader Koloway. He is no longer a part of ACP. If you have an issue with Koloway – take it with him, not ACP – if you believe that by association we are guilty, RPF too are by association guilty, for Koloway is ex-RPF staff too.

b) The second is former RPF SaltSlasher (Bschar). He’s a known troll – but that doesn’t excuse his statements. Below is a statement that I sent to the affected alliance leaders.

The fact that RPF themselves never took action against Bschar, especially for inappropriate jokes he made in RPF speaks volumes to the fact that Bschar is not to be taken seriously at the very least; or that because he’s now not associated with RPF, heavens forbid the troll comments he makes.

(This was part of the “leaks”)

c) The third is against an HCom member of RPF, Cosmos. The concerned “trash talk” includes

Which… okay? You can argue that Cosmos is not narcissistic, I guess. As well as me making my classic “bow down to xxx” joke, which I’ve been known to do… everywhere.

Comment made by CSY to Epic.

d) Other involved members include Robot, Chek, Aurora, (Bschar and koloway already mentioned). These were all former RPF soldiers. The fact that no non-former RPF were actually involved in big trash-talking speaks volumes in itself.

Part 2: Raiding Events

3 ACP members logged onto CPR, saw RPF, then dressed up as pizza chefs, ONCE. You make it sound like we spied on you guys, scheduled a raid, formed a whole group to take you down. This was completely spontaneous and hardly a scheduled act of war against the RPF.

In addition, at multiple instances, when RPF have been group recruiting, ACP have left for another room/server to not interfere with RPF out of respect. When Cosmos DM’ed me about an ACP shouting “ACP” in an RPF event, I swiftly handled the situation and ensured it wouldn’t happen again.

Part 3: Allegations on “Creating a Tournament”

Kailey, a supervisor claimed that RPF “created a tournament”. Was this further discussed? Was this brought up with HCom? Was this proposed to CPAM?

The answer to all of the above is “No”. ACP never thought RPF created a tournament. One moderator put it as a conspiracy theory, no one fed into it, no posts were made about it. Am I supposed to censor a random conspiracy theory that everyone knows isn’t true?

Part 4: Hypocrisy

The worst “statements” made to the RPF by actual members of our staff is probably Bschar calling RPF incompetent. Again, ex RPF member calling RPF incompetent. The statements RPF has made against ACP are perhaps even worse, Elmikey, ex RPF commander, wishing death to our entire army:

If you think that isn’t enough, here’s a member of RPF threatening to kill Nick’s friend.

There’s a huge difference between calling someone incompetent in a staff chat and publicly wishing death to another army and their friends in main chat. Why is this okay?

Let’s talk further about the RPF toxicity.

RPF have been coming over to the ACP chat to screenshot our messages, making fun of our members in their main. Whilst I acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of their moderation team to curb it – it shows that the “culture of toxicity” or whatever exists in RPF too. ACP is working on fixing things, just like RPF is.

ACP’s Apology

“The post serves as a method of justifying what was found instead of actively making strides to improve.”

Message to Ulti dated 25th April:

Further proof of messages dated 25th April, with increased moderation of staff chats, staff announcements, and promises of ACP working to rectify the situation.

In case it wasn’t already evident:
During the tournament, a lot of toxicity, foreign relations and hatred towards the community was fostered. We declared independence on April 19th to move away from all of this.

This matter has been addressed by ACP HCom.

Despite being shown evidence of ACP’s attempt to rectify the situation, despite proof that ACP has already had plans in motion to improve the environment, dated as far back as April 19th, RPF still believes that “ACP has made no strives to improve”. 

All of this was already shown to Ultipenguinj as early as the 25th of April. This indubitably shows that the declaration of war was NOT because we weren’t taking any action.

Concluding Response to the Declaration of War

The reasons of declaration of war are weak at best, and completely exaggerated at worse. The only valid argument is perhaps the “trash-talk” made against RPF, which were, unfortunately, instigated by ex-RPF. What’s happening there such that their ex members bear so much hatred to somewhere they once called home?

ACP wants to further respond to RPF’s dirty tactics in this “war”.

Invasion Schedule
First, we look at the invasion schedule set by the RPF. This involves 4 invasions, with 2 occuring at 9am EST and two occurring at 9pm EST. This is an overwhelmingly cowardly move – invading two servers at one time? Why won’t the RPF fight us, one server at a time? Or are they just trying to play dirty? 
RPF wants to take the high road in this – but behind the “facade” of righteousness lies their true intentions – to bully a smaller army. Their term prevents ACP from bringing any allies to battle.

RPF maxes 180. ACP maxes 50.

If ACP are as toxic and hate-able as RPF claim, why is this term necessary, given that all armies should righteously flock towards RPF’s support?

The reason is this: They know that ACP is easy picking. They want an easy war, masquerading under pretenses of justice.

Emcee’s Involvement

The next piece of information will be some sad news for many ACP soldiers, but contrary to our former belief, we have reason to believe our former third-in-command, Emcee, was involved in the ACP leak. We are not 100% sure but we have some very strong proof on the matter.

Concluding Remarks
ACP do not believe that, nor do we defend the words said against RPF or HF. We simply believe that it speaks volumes as to how all the anti-RPF sentiments came from ex-RPF staff; staff issues that were NOT addressed until they decided to join ACP.

I have here, compiled why RPF’s reasons of declaration not only fall apart at 2nd glance – but how RPF themselves KNOW that these are not sound reasons.

Firstly, alleged “plot” to take down RPF with CPAM was from someone that wasn’t even CPAM staff, and has already left the CPA community, and CPAM’s public statements of good relations with ACP.

Secondly, the fact that moderation was not taken against community acclaimed “troll” Bschar during his time in RPF, to the interesting observation that the main catalysts of “trash-talking” RPF were by ex RPF soldiers, to the final hypocrisy surrounding public, main RPF members stating their wish to murder people from ACP. At least we kept it in staff chats, you guys have anti-ACP remarks in main that are far more severe than “incompetence”.

Thirdly, allegations that ACP’s post was for damage control are complete lies, given the plethora of evidence I’ve shown of me assuring Ulti that things were being changed, given that as soon as the tournament ended, ACP already tried to take a step in the right direction. RPF knew all of this, yet still tried to declare war.

We must ask now – why is it that RPF declared war? The public image of RPF is a big gaming community for people to have fun. It’s easy to take screenshots out of context and then hate on ACP. The fact that RPF wants ACP, an army that maxes 3x less than them, to show up at 2 places at the same time. The fact that RPF won’t allow ACP to even up the playing field by asking for allies, even though they claim us to be despicable.

This is a classic case of a bully on the playground, trying to pick on someone smaller, and justifying it with a masquerade of “righteousness”. If these were the actual issues, Ulti would have approached us – instead, he ignored all my DMs of me addressing the situation and taking steps to improve.

And yes, call us cowardly. We will defend our capital – but only our capital. Because when a 6th grader threatens to beat a 3rd grader up on the playground, fighting back is not a smart option.

CSY – ACP Leader
Max – ACP UK Leader
Funky – ACP US Leader
Mchappy – ACP PoG