[US] Battle Training Event [Results]

Good day, Army of Clown Penguins!!!!
Just kidding y’all aren’t clowns except for Emcee, Zelly, and our favourite… Kailey 2!!! Anyway, here’s the results for today’s US event! Thank you to Emcee Moon Emoji for leading this event!!! We practiced formations and tactics. We did the X formation a lot :(. We had Voice Chat leading too! It was a solid event! Please remember if we ever have another event and Emcee is talking make sure to lower her volume :(. Congratulations to Emcee for being here for 2 weeks and Aero for being here for way too long!!! Make sure to DM Kailey 1 for your clovers! Remember to comment on what you wanna see ACP do next! If you ever wanna hang out check out VC it’s a lot of fun! If you want a yoyo make sure to DM Kailey 2 and Zelly they’ll personally make it for you!

Max: 32

Dawnables Lieutenant General of ACP