[CPAM Premier League] VS. Romans – VICTORY!

Hey ACP!

We logged on today for our first battle VS. the Romans in CPAM’s Premier League. We maxed 60+. Throughout the event, we had amazing tactics and great formations. Keep up the good work, ACP!

We began our warm-up in town, and moved to the stadium for the first room.

Spot the Romans!
We then moved into the interior of the mine, where we continued to dominate with our superior size, tactics and formations.
Ahhh, I see them now.
“friendly” banter

Finally, we ended with a curve ball of a room – Pet shop. i totally did not accidentally go to town.

Wishing OM the vvvvery best!
And with a 3-0 victory, ACP takes home our first win:

An amazing start to the Premier League – let’s keep the ball rolling B)
ACP Leader

2 Responses

  1. Max, will I get my PoG role? You said so 😉

  2. can i get my PoG role

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