[SPEC OPS] Co-Region Event! [RESULTS]

Hello ACP here is the SPEC OPS lol,
Today we logged in for the SPEC OPS and had a lot of fun! We went to town and the migrator! We had a lot of fun doing tactics and formations! Thank you to everyone who came out today make sure to dm a HCOM/Commander for your clovers if you haven’t received them already!!! This was the SPEC OPS lol XD UwU. Have a lot of fun 3/13/20, it is a break day!!! (I’m only excited cause I get to sleep and Zelly can’t ruin it :)) Kellis wants me to say pp so here! Also Aero and Kellis take responsibility for the amount of fun I had with this post have a great day/evening ACP! Make sure to comment your favourite part of the event!

The max was 23! Thanks for making Meer have a high max for once! (love you Meer)

Dawnables Major General of ACP

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