[SPEC OPS] Operation Tuesday!

Yo whats up troops of ACP! This is Aero coming to you late Tuesday with tonight’s spec ops! Here we are almost halfway through the week! Today we wrapped up spec ops that was on Blizzard. Meerrkat lead the event! We gathered and went from the town to the stadium.. to the town again xD. We maxed 19 and had good tactics. Remember to dm hcom for clovers, IF you came, and to check the announcments and events for updates and other stuff. don’t be a stranger, leave a comment if you were at spec ops or at any of the other events!

EM for the Casinossss, jk

Some don’t like puffles :p

Leave a comment and stay up to date! – Aeropos

3 Responses

  1. Nice job guys!

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