[UK] Battle vs. Romans Results!

Hey ACP!

Our UK division came out in full force today, battling the Romans once again! We did extremely well, working together as a family to outperform them with our great sizes, quick tactics and perfect formations. We maxed 19 soldiers and took home a 3-0 victory! 5 clovers if you came!
March On! ~Max
☘ACP Field Marshal☘
European Division Leader

[AUS] Anti-bullying Campaign!

Hey ACP,

We logged on today to show our support for the anti-bullying campaign with pink shirts! AUS is back!

Max: 25
ACP Leader

[SPEC OPS] Moderator Tuesday Results!

Hello ACP! This is Aero coming to you from behind a computer late at night!

 Lets get right into to tonight’s awesome spec ops on one bar ascent. Tonight was lead by Canada’s great one, Bschar! He changed it up and did a bit of everything, everyone had a good time. He started with normal tactics, then he went old school and gave orders at the forts! Got us warmed up for the march down to the cove and to the beach. From there the troops hid around Club Penguin to play hide and seek! Great job at this event and good job to Bschar, dm your local leader for your clovers if you attended. 

FUN FACT – When a male penguin falls in love with female penguin, he searches the entire beach to find the perfect pebble to present to her.

True? who knows. Don’t be shy to comment! here comes the greatest pictures in our history ;p

Max: 11-12
ACPirates ;3
Prepare for puffle war!
Plok is ugly
cookies are good
AEROPOS – Field General

[US] War Training & Games Results

Hey ACP!

The US division’s Mod-Lead event was held by Blazer, our Brigadier General. We first had some war training to prepare for tomorrow’s battle against the Romans, and followed it up with some Sled Racing! We maxed 14 penguins – 3 clovers if you came!
March On! ~Max
☘ACP Field Marshal☘
European Division Leader