[UK/EU] Troop-Lead Training Results

Hey ACP!

Today’s UK division event was an exciting troop-lead training, where the members and moderators of the army took it in turns to do a tactic of their choice! Well done to all those that took part – the training was a great success! We maxed 18 penguins! 3 clovers if you attended!
March On! ~Max
☘ACP Field Marshal☘
European Division Leader

[US] Valentines Day Event [Results]

Hey ACP!
Today we logged onto Blizzard to have a fun Valentines Day event. We went around the map spreading love and having a fun time doing some tactics. Thank you guys for coming to the event today! Remember to get your clovers DM a HCOM if you haven’t received them yet!


Dawnables ACP Major General

[SPEC OPS] Operation: Turn CPR Green!