[US & UK] Practice Battle vs. RPF Results

Greetings, ACP!

Today we logged on to Deep Freeze on Club Penguin Rewritten for our Garrison and Survey Corps joint event. Today’s event was a practice battle against our ally, the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF). This was the first battle led by one of our new leaders, Kailey. She gave this battle her all and motivated the troops to quickly counter RPF’s tactics, and we’re all so proud of her for staying positive and inspiring us to give this battle our best efforts.

We met at the Underground Pool to rally our troops and do some warm-up tactics: the classic spamming of the clover (EL) emote and alternating EL and EH (heart) emotes. For the first part of the battle, we marched from the Pool to the Mine and performed our tactics at lightning-fast speeds. After 10 minutes of battling in the Mine, we took the fight to the Iceberg. We slowed down a little there, but we didn’t let RPF and the occasional trolls stop us from following orders. Finally, we finished the battle at the Docks with tactics led by both Kailey and her third-in-command, Zelly.

Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, we lost this battle to RPF. However, we refuse to let this loss deter us, so we’re going to improve our skills and come back better than ever in our next battle! Overall, it was a fun event, and we thank everyone for coming!

MAX: 30

Brigadier General

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